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To My Knees

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Heather Jayne Endall (AUS) - January 2023
Intro: 16 seconds…..At lyrics “Your love still brings me to my knees” - No Tags No Restarts

Section 1: Walk, Walk, Kick Ball Change, Step Hip Roll, Tap Heel, Step Hip Roll, Tap Heel
1,2,3&4Walk fwd R, Walk fwd L, R kick, R ball next to L [&], Step L next to R
5,6Step R to side bending knees & rolling hip anti clockwise, Tap L heel to L diag
3,4Step L to side bending knees & rolling hip clockwise, Tap R heel to R diag

Section 2: Cross, Side, Coaster to diagonal, Cross, Side, Coaster to diagonal (10.30)
1,2Cross R in front of L, Step L to side
3&4Step R back turning ⅛ R, Step L beside R [&], Step R fwd (1.30)
5,6L cross over R squaring to 12, Step R to side
7&8Step L back turning ⅛ L, Step R beside L [&] step L fwd (10.30)

Section 3: Tap 1/8, Step ¼ , Tap ¼ , Step ¼ , Pivot ¼, Pivot ½ (3.00)
1,2Turning 1/8 over L tap R Toe to side (9.00), ¼ over R step on R (12.00)
3,4Turning ¼ over R tap L Toe to side (3:00), ¼ over L step on L (12:00)
5,6,7,8Step fwd on R, Pivot ¼ over L (9.00), Step fwd on R, Pivot ½ over L (3:00)

Section 4: Cross Samba R, Cross Samba L, Paddle turn ¼ x 3 (6.00)
1&2Cross R over L, Rock L to L side [&], Step R to R side
3&4Cross L over R, Rock R to R side [&], Step L to L side
5&6&Touch R fwd, Turn ¼ over L (&) (12.00), Touch R fwd, Turn ¼ over L (&) (9.00)
7&8Touch R fwd, Turn ¼ over L (&) (6.00), Touch R next to L

Begin the dance again at your new wall 6:00

Thanks so very much for taking a look at my little dance. I hope you give it a try.
Massive thanks to Alison for her kind help with checking (and correcting errors) on this stepsheet.

Contact Heather Endall: +61417 955 752

2023 12 JAN 8


Wintersnight January 6, 2023
Love the dance

Wenarika January 6, 2023
Vote 6..

YoungMi Cho January 6, 2023
It is easy to learn and full of exciting moves. A wonderful dance, Heather! ^^

Heather Jayne January 6, 2023
Thanks a million! So happy that you like it 🥰

! Lidia Ava January 6, 2023
Lovely :)

! Lidia Ava January 6, 2023

Rochelle27 January 6, 2023
Super easy, fun and energetic great dance !

Love love love

Linib January 6, 2023
Great, relaxing and uplifting to watch and listen to. Xxx

Donna D. January 6, 2023
oh my gosh, so much fun!

Budski January 6, 2023
Absolutely love this one Heather well done xxx

RitaM January 7, 2023
Well done Heather and good music x January 7, 2023
What a wonderful dance.

GerrieC January 7, 2023
Super fun dance ✨ Love it! :)

Gaynor Allis January 8, 2023
I love this dance and the song - well done Heather

Goochi January 8, 2023
Good Routine

Heather Jayne January 8, 2023
Thanks everyone for the very kind comments ❤️

Sonnee January 9, 2023
Great dance - so much fun 🤩

SnowDust January 10, 2023
Great dance Heather. Great demonstration and clear, easy to follow steps. Well done and I love it. 😍

Heather Jayne January 10, 2023
Thank you so much for looking and for the very kind comments @Sonee & @SnowDust xxxx

Deb64 January 11, 2023
Love this dance .. the moves are simple & look great .. music is fabulous! Well done Heather 😊🥂

Heather Jayne January 11, 2023
Thanks so much!!!! Super appreciate the very kind words ❤️

Jen jen jen January 12, 2023
Fantastic dance

Heather Jayne January 12, 2023
Jen Jen Jen…… ❤️❤️❤️ So thankful for your gorgeous comment!! So very kind of you ❤️❤️❤️

John L January 14, 2023
Wow wow wow. This is awesome, well done ❤️❤️

Heather Jayne January 16, 2023
Thank you so so much for the fantastic demo video ladies!!!! Truly grateful ❤️

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