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Memory Lane

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Beginner / Improver
Nicole Petrocelli (USA) - January 2023
Memory Lane - Old Dominion
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1&2step side right, together, step (R foot)
3-4cross L foot behind R, replace
5&6step side left, together, step (L foot)
7-8cross R foot behind L, replace
(***Restarts here at walls 4 and 8***)
(At wall 4 you will be facing 6:00)
(At wall 8 you will be facing 12:00)

1-2Step side right, step L foot behind right
3&4¼ turn right (weight on R foot), together, step (R foot forward)
5-6Step forward L foot, ½ pivot right (weight on R foot)
7&8Step forward L foot, together, step (L foot forward)

1-2Skate right foot then skate left foot
3&4Step forward R foot, together, step (R foot forward)
5-6Rock forward L foot, replace (as you ¼ left)
7&8Side step left, together, step (L foot)

1-2Cross R foot over L foot, step back on L foot
3-4Step side right, step L foot forward (slightly)
5-6Step side right, touch L foot next to R
7-8Step side left, touch R foot next to L

Last Update: 7 Feb 2023


Michelle Wright January 7, 2023
Nicole I love this! Super cute!

Thisgirlloveslinedancing January 8, 2023
Love it buddy!!

OreoBay February 7, 2023
Quick question for the choreographer. I love this dance. But there is a discrepancy in a couple of the videos as to where the restarts are, namely the second one. One dancer has put in a third restart, which actually fits the song better, IMHO. If you could do 3 restarts on the words "We'd never let go and we'd never be over," it would fit the song pefectly. Thoughts ???

NicoleP22884 February 7, 2023
Hi! I thought I saw all the videos. I guess not. Yeah a couple of them don’t have the restart where I put them. It’s supposed to be after the instrumental part. That will be wall 8 (facing 12:00)

NicoleP22884 February 7, 2023
This video is correct:

NicoleP22884 February 7, 2023
This video is also correct

NicoleP22884 February 7, 2023
Also refer to mine and Michele writes video.

NicoleP22884 February 7, 2023
Oops sorry! Michelle Wrights* video

NicoleP22884 February 7, 2023
I may be changing it to 3. Stay tuned. Not sure if I’m gonna delete this and resubmit or just edit this one.

OreoBay February 7, 2023
Thank you for looking. I really appreciate it. With the 3 on the same words, it just fits perfectly. We were kind of struggling in class as to where the 2nd one went, and we thought we messed up. Thank you again. And again, it's a fun dance, nice music!!!

NicoleP22884 February 7, 2023
If I change it to three I’ll edit it and delete these videos. I am still debating. I have some people saying don’t change it, it’s fine and others having the same issue you are and then there’s videos that aren’t doing it right so either way some videos if not all will have to go. But stay tuned. I’ll make a decision soon.

NicoleP22884 February 7, 2023
Then I gotta hope some groups will do a new demo for me and post (if I do change it). I would but I have a knee injury right now and can’t dance.

OreoBay February 7, 2023
The girl in the last video, with the orange top and hat, has the 3 restarts, if that helps. You're the greatest!!!

NicoleP22884 February 7, 2023
Yeah I’m taking a poll as we speak. Gonna get some more feedback. I guess whatever happens I’m gonna need to get rid of these videos anyways and try to get some new ones up with whatever way I decide to go. If I keep it the same the 2nd restart is right after the instrumental part. But before anyone said anything to me the more I was listening to it the more I was questioning myself where I put the restarts. I’ll update as soon as I can with a decision. And thank you for doing my dance.

Michelle Wright February 7, 2023
Just stick to what you have… if you count the walls it’s easy to know when it’s coming and the last one is nearly the end of the dance. I think it’s fine. I’m a stickler for tags and restarts. It would be great but not really necessary

NicoleP22884 February 7, 2023
I figure either way I’m gonna upset people lol. I’m gonna think about it some more.

NicoleP22884 February 7, 2023
Ok I gotta stand by what I want. I’m gonna keep the dance as is. I will make sure I email George the videos that are correct.

NicoleP22884 February 9, 2023
The videos to watch for reference:

Golden Eagles June 19, 2023
Don't change it. If we've already taught it, it's going to cause confusion.

NicoleP22884 June 24, 2023
Yup that’s what I figured. Already too many people who taught it so I kept it the same. :)

Cathy29 August 29, 2023
Just a question on that second restart at 12:00 o'clock. Wouldn't that be Wall 7? And I agree with you, stick to the 2 restarts! It's a super cute dance! Can't wait to teach it!

DanaDoo September 20, 2023
It looks like the 2nd restart on the 12:00 wall is wall 7 or are you counting the back wall twice because of the 1st restart? If the next wall also had a 3rd restart it would start the dance back up on "If I could buy a house....". I taught this and several of my intermediate dancers could hear another restart in the music and commented that it needed the 3rd.

NicoleP22884 September 28, 2023
No the wall is wall 8 for the 2nd restart…and yes it faces 12:00. (After the first restart is done that’s on wall 4 the new wall becomes wall 5 …still facing 6:00 at that point) …3 more times make wall 8 …right after the instrumental is the restart.

It’s a short song…didn’t want tons of restarts and I didn’t change it cuz too many people were already dancing it. And I appreciate everyone who has! Thank you to everyone!

Michelle Wright September 29, 2023
When you restart after 8 counts on wall 4 that becomes wall 5 then you keep going so the walls

Cathy29 September 30, 2023
Love it! It's one of our groups favorites!

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