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Up in Your Giddy

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Dan Moon (USA) - January 2023
Giddy Up! - Shania Twain
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1, 2& -Wizard fwd RLR
3&4 -Step L diagonal, touch R next to L as you clap 2x
&5&6 -Hop back diagonal R, touch L, hop back diagonal L, touch R
&7&8 -Step R out, touch L heel, Stomp L then R

1, 2 -Walk fwd R L
3,4-Paddle turns with R 1/4 turn, Paddle turn R with 1/4 turn (should = 1/2 turn over L shoulder - add booty for flare)
5,6,7 -Walk fwd R L R
&8 -Jump back stomping L out then R

1,2 -Slide L, touch R
3,4 -Shake it (or hip rolls)
5,6 -Slide R with a 1/4 turn R as you touch L (Please note: The 1/4 turn R is after you slide. Slide R first and then turn at the end of the slide)
7,8 -Shake it (or hip rolls)

Restart / Fun Tag:
- Restart is during Wall 9 right before she sings Up Giddy Up (2:07)
- Alternate: During wall 9 after jumping back stomping L & R, stomp again to the beat of the drum and then restart


Last Update: 18 Jan 2023

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CarolB January 19, 2023
Good fun ! Love this 🤣😊

CeeCee February 2, 2023
Just an observation from watching a few videos... Not all the demos are following the choreographers instructions about when to execute the 1/4 turn after the slide right. If you turn the 1/4 first and slide right, it will put you in a different position on the floor than the dancers who are following the step sheet. Was glad to see Line Dance Dallas's demo with the turn danced as stated on the step sheet. I didn't watch all the videos, but I saw more than 1 that was incorrect. This just confirms that if you choose to learn a dance from a video, you need to compare the step sheet to the video you are learning from and not just assume the video is totally correct. Thanks, Dan, for a cute little dance that fits the song well!

Metaltigger February 3, 2023
Higher level than Beginner - bordering on Intermediate.

Joey February 5, 2023
I think this is more of an improver level\ I taught this in my improver class. wizard and many odd weight changes for a beginner level. Also, step sheet does not define the weight changes after the stomps Glad that Line Dance Dallas does this correctly.

jenny39 February 13, 2023
Very Poor explanation of the tag -

G Q February 27, 2023

CarolB February 27, 2023
An improver - general level dance I found after teaching it last week
It was enjoyed but no way could Beginners cope with this !
My exp dancers faffed about with the first 8 counts for a bit 🙈🤣

bbeerrtthhaa March 29, 2023
I taught this dance to my 2 classes and they loved it!!

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