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There's Somethin' Bout You

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Felicia Harris Jones (USA) - January 2023
Somethin' Bout You - Mickey Guyton
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*1 Restart. No Tags.

Sec1. Rock Recover, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Rock Recover, Shuffle 1/2 Turn
1 2 Step Right Forward, Recover Left
3 &41/4 right Step Right to side, Step Left next to Right, 1/4 right Step Right forward (facing 6:00)
5 6Step Left Forward, Recover Right
7&81/4 left Step Left to left side, Step Right next to left, 1/4 left Step Left forward (facing 12:00)
*Absolute Beginners Option
Right Rock forward, Recover Left, Shuffle Right Back, Left Rock Back, Recover Right, Shuffle Left Forward

Sec2. Rocking Chair, Jazz Box ¼ Cross
1 2Step Right forward, Recover Left
3 4Step Right back, Recover Left
5 6Cross Right over left, Step Left to left side
7 8Making ¼ turn Right Step Right to right side, Cross Left over right
*Restart here during 4th Rotation. Will face 6:00 at restart.

Sec3. Lindy, Grapevine ¼, Brush
1&2Step Right to right side, Step Left next to right, Step Right to right side
3 4Place Left behind right, Recover on Right
5 6Step Left to left side, Step Right behind left
7 8Making ¼ Left Step Left forward, Brush Right forward

Sec4. Toe Strut, Toe Strut, Hip Roll ¼ turn
1 2Place Right toe forward, Drop Heel
3 4Place Left toe forward, Drop Heel
5 6Step Right Forward 1/8 turn left while rolling hip counterclockwise, recover weight on left
7 8Repeat count 5 6

Please do not alter this step sheet in any way. If using this sheet on your website, please make sure it is in its original format and all contact information is included. All Rights Reserved. ©2023

Last Update: 13 Jan 2023


BoundlessBoots January 8, 2023
Restart happens during the 4th rotation. You will be facing 6:00. There are ways to make this an improver level dance but I needed to make a beginner level for an upcoming event so be on the lookout for an updated version for Improver level as well. -Thank you for taking the time to look at my latest piece. Felicia

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