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Spicy Margarita

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Low Intermediate
Fred Whitehouse (IRE) & Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - December 2022
Spicy Margarita - FLOYD WONDER
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Dance starts after 16 counts

Step Touch Step, Behind Side Cross, 1/2R Cross Point and Point
1&2Step R to R diagonal (1), Touch L next R (&), Step L to L diagonal (2)
3&4Step R behind L (3), Step L to L (&), Cross R over L (4)
5-61/4R Step L back (5), 1/4R Step R to R (6)
&7&8Cross L over R (&), Point R to R (7),Step R next L (&), Point L to L (8)

Ball Rock, Recover, Cross Samba,Rock in Chair and Step, Clap-Clap
&1-2Step L next R (&), Rock R to R pushing your hips to R slightly backward (1), Recover (2)
3&4Cross R over L (3), Step L to L (&), Step R to R (4) body facing 7’30
5&6&Rock L forward (5), Recover (&), Rock L back (6), Recover (&)
7-8Step L forward (7), Hitch R and turn 1/8L to face 6’ (8),
Option : Brush your shoulder on counts &8 as the singer says « I make it look easy » .
Restart here on wall 2, 5, 8, so you will never do the 6’ wall

Dorothy Steps R,L, Cross Rock, Recover, Paddles Back 1/4R
1-2&Step R to R diagonal (1), Step L behind R (2), Step R to R (&)
3-4&Step L to L diagonal (3), Step R behind L (4), Step L to L (&)
5-6Cross Rock R over L (5), Recover (6),
7&8&1/8R Rock R to R (7), Recover (&), 1/8R Rock R to R (8), recover (&)

Step Hitch x2, Coaster Step, Step 1/2L, Full Turn L
1&2Step R back as you hitch L (1), Step L next R (&),Step R back as you hitch L (2)
3&4Step L back (3), Step R next L (&), Step L forward (4)
5-6Step R forward (5), Pivot 1/2L Step L forward (6)
7-81/2L Step R back (7), 1/2L Step L forward (8)

Smile and start the dance again !

Last Update - 9 Jan. 2023

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