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Up In The Giddy Up

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Darren Tubridy (UK) & David Sinfield (UK) - January 2023
Giddy Up! - Shania Twain
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Intro: 8 Counts, Start at approx.. 5 secs

SEC 1: Side Rock Cross, Side Rock Cross, Toe, Heel, Stomp, Toe, Heel, Stomp
1&2Rock left to left, recover weight onto right, cross left over right
3&4Rock right to right, recover weight onto left, cross right over left
5&6Touch left beside right, touch left heel forward, stomp left forward
7&8Touch right beside left, touch right heel forward, stomp right forward
Restart 2 - Here on Wall 5

SEC 2: Cross, Back, ¼ Side, Cross, Back, ¼ Side, Point Switches, Touch Back ½ Heel Bounce Turn
1&2Cross left over right, step right back, turn ¼ left step left to left (9:00)
3&4Cross right over left, step left back, turn ¼ right step right to right (12:00)
5&6&Point left to left, step left beside right, point right to right, step right beside left
7&8Touch left back, turn ¼ left bounce heels, turn ¼ left bounce heels (6:00)

SEC 3: Side, Slide, Ball Cross, Side, Slide, Ball Cross
1-2-3Step left to left, slide right towards left over 2 counts
&4Step right beside left, cross left over right
5-6-7Step right to right, slide left towards right over 2 counts
&8Step left beside right, cross right over left
Restart 1 - Here on Wall 2

SEC 4: ¼ Shuffle, Step, ½ Pivot, ½ Back Shuffle, Coaster Step
1&2Turn ¼ left step left forward, step right beside left, step left forward (3:00)
3-4Step right forward, pivot ½ left transferring weight onto left (9:00)
5&6Turn ¼ left step right to right, step left beside right, turn ¼ left step right back (3:00)
7&8Step left back, step right beside left, step left forward

SEC 5: Heel Grind, Heel Grind, ½ Heel Grind, Ball Step, Stomp, Stomp
1-2&Touch right heel forward, grind right heel step left back, step right beside left
3-4&Touch left heel forward, grind left heel step right back, step left beside right
5-6&Touch right heel forward, grind right heel turn ½ right step left back, step right beside left (9:00)
7&8Step left forward, stomp right to right diagonal, stomp right to right diagonal

SEC 6: Cross Rock, ¼ Shuffle, Rock, Coaster Step
1-2Cross rock left over right, recover weight onto right
3&4Turn ¼ left step left forward, step right beside left, step left forward (6:00)
5-6Rock right forward, recover weight onto left
7&8Step right back, step left beside right, step right forward

Last Update - 13 Jan. 2023


Susan Duncan January 14, 2023
Great dance, David and Darren! ❤️

SandraBarr64 January 15, 2023
Well done. Love it!

DazDance41 January 15, 2023
Thank you for your kind comments on our dance

Totty January 20, 2023
Brilliant dance xx

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