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Ievan Polkka

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Beginner / Improver
Miyeol (KOR) & BeBe (KOR) - January 2023
Ievan Polkka (Extended Mix)
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intro – : 32 Counts

Sec 1. Heel switch X 2, heel hook, side shuffle X 2
1& , 2&Rf fwd heel touch, Rf together, Lf fwd heel touch, Lf together
3 , 4Rf fwd heel touch, hook Rf across Lf knee
5 & 6Step Rf to R side, step Lf together, Step Rf to R side
7 & 8Step Lf to L side, step Rf together, Step Lf to L side

Sec 2. Side switch X 2, point flick croos rock, 1/4 turn R shuffle
1&, 2&Point Rf to R side, Rf together, Point Lf to L side, Lf together
3 , 4Point Rf to R side, Rf flick
5 , 6Cross rock Rf, recover on Lf
7 & 81/4 turn R step Rf fwd, step Lf together, step Rf fwd

Sec 3. Rock, recover, back, together, toe strut X 2
1 , 2Rock Lf fwd, recover on Rf
3 , 4Step Lf back, step Rf together
5 , 6Touch Lf toe fwd, step down on Lf
7 , 8Touch Rf toe fwd, step down on Rf

Sec 4. Pivot 1/4 turn R stomp X 2, swivel X 2
1 , 2Step Lf fwd, 1/4 turn R
3 , 4Lf stomp, Rf stomp
5& 6&In place both heel out to R, both heel in to L, Both heel out to R, both heel in to L
7& 8&In place both heel out to R, Both heel in to L, both heel out to R, both heel in to L


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