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You Will Be Found

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Sandra Burns (SCO) - January 2023
You Will Be Found - Natalie Grant & Cory Asbury
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This dance is dedicated to the memory of our good friend and teacher, Helen Bisset. GBNF

#6 second intro: Start on word “Ever”

Sect 1: Step Back L, Sweep Behind, Side, Cross, Scissor Cross, Step, Run, Run, Run
1Step back L (1)
2&3Sweep R behind (2) Step L side (&) Cross R over L (3)
4&5Step left to left side (4) Step right beside left (&) Cross L over R (5)
6Step R to right diagonal (6) (1.30)
7&8Step L forward (7) Step R forward (&) Step L forward (8)

Sect 2: Step Back R, Sweep Back, Sweep Back, Sweep L Sailor ¼ Turn Left, Mambo ½ Turn R, ½ Turn R
1-3Step back R (1) Sweep L front to back stepping back L (2) Sweep R front to back stepping back R (3)
4&5Sweep L front to back step L behind R making ¼ turn L (4) Step R to right side (&) Step L forward (5) (9.00)
6&7Rock forward on R (6) Recover on L (&) ½ turn right stepping forward on R (7) (3.00)
8½ turn right stepping back L (8) (9.00)

Sect 3: Step Back R, Sweep Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Side, Cross Rock, Side, Cross, ¼ Turn L
1Step back R (1)
2&3Sweep L front to back stepping behind R (2) Step R to right side (&) Cross L over R (3)
4&5Recover R (4) Step L to left side (&) Cross R over L (5)
6&7Recover L (6) Step R to right side (&) Cross L over R (7)
8Turn ¼ left stepping R foot to right side (8) (6.00)

Sect 4: Coaster Step, Step R, Swivel ½ Turn L, Swivel ½ Turn R, Triple Full Turn R, Step Back R
1&2Step back L (1) Step R next to L (&) Step forward on L (2)
3Step forward R (3)
4-5Weight on balls of feet ½ turn L (4) (12.00) Weight on balls of feet ½ turn R (5) (6.00)
6&7½ turn R stepping back on L (6) ½ turn R stepping forward on R (&) Step L forward (7)
8Step back R (8)

Tag: at the end of Wall 5 – Sway L, Sway R
1-2Sway body left, Sway body right

Ending: To Finish Facing the Front Wall Turn ¼ R stepping R to right side


anniemac January 21, 2023
Beautiful dance

Wee Ellen January 27, 2023
Beautiful dance Sandra well done

Teresa1968 February 4, 2023
Beautiful dance xx

Lou C February 7, 2023
Fresh, flowing, stunning dance!

Judy (Labra) Baldak November 2, 2023
Just heard this song on the radio, then found your dance. Beautiful!! RIP HelenπŸ’ƒπŸ™πŸ˜‡

Lindyloo74 March 22, 2024
Love this dance xxx

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