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Foot Slappin'

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Michelle Risley (UK) - January 2023
A Little More Country - Buck Ford : (Amazon & iTunes)
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Step Change Tag Wall 3 & 11, Tag Wall 8
Count in: 32 counts, on vocals - around 16 secs
Choreographers Note – I Hope You Enjoy The Old School Feel To This Dance And Music, With Some Foot Slappin’ At 12oc

Vine Right, Hitch, Vine Left ¼ Turn, Hitch
1-4Right Side, Left Behind, Right Side, Hitch Left Knee Up
5-8Left Side, Right Behind, Left ¼ Left, Hitch Right Knee Up (9oc)

‘K’ Step
1-4Step Forward Right Diagonal, Touch Left, Step Back Left Diagonal, Touch Right
5-8Step Back Right Diagonal, Touch Left, Step Forward Left Diagonal, Touch Right (9oc)

Walk Forward, R-L-R, Kick, Walk Back, L-R-L, Touch
1-4Walk Forward, Right, Left, Right, Kick Left Forward (Clap)
5-8Walk Back, Left, Right, Left, Touch (9oc)

Stomp, Flick, Step Back, Point Forward, Point Side, Point Front, Point Side, Flick Behind
1-2Stomp Right Forward & Slight Across Left, Flick Left Behind, Slap With Right Hand
3-4Step Back On Left, Point Right Toe Forward
5-8Tap Right Toe Side, Tap Forward, Tap Side, Flick Right Behind, Slap With Left Hand

Step Change End Wall 3 & 11 (3oc Wall)
Turn ¼ Turn Left To Front Wall (12oc) And Add 4ct Tag Below

End of Wall 8 – no ¼ turn – just add the 4ct Tag (12oc)

Tag – Foot Slappin’ – You Only Foot Slap At The Front!
1-2Step Right To Side, Flick Left Behind And Slap With Right Hand
3-4Step Left To Side, Flick Right Behind And Slap With Left Hand

End facing front wall Walking Forward R-L-R-Kick – Woop Woop


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