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We Do It For You

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Improver NC
Carina Klaar (SWE) & Lottie Härnborg (SWE) - January 2023
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You - Bryan Adams
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This dance was created for our wonderful dancers in Tidaholm and Mullsjö.
Especially for the high beginner/improver classes to get a 32c alternative NC
Feel free to use any alternative music without any restarts.

Intro :16 counts (faded out at 4.00)

Wall 6 (03.00) after count 4& 1st section
Wall 8 (06.00) after count 8& 2nd section

[1 – 8] R & L Basic Nightclub, Side, Behind, ¼ Turn R, Rocking Chair
1–2&Step RF a big step to R side (1), close LF behind R (2), cross RF over L (&) (12:00)
3–4&Step LF a big step to L side (3), close RF behind L (4), cross LF over R (&)
*Restart here wall 6, at (3.00)
5-6&Step RF to R (5), cross LF behind R (6), turn ¼ R step RF fwd (&) (3.00)
7&8&Rock LF fwd (7), recover on RF (&), rock LF back (8), recover on RF (&)

[9 – 16] Step, Step-Turn-Cross ¼ L, Weave, Cross Rock R&L
1Step fwd on LF (1) (3.00)
2&3Step fwd on RF (2), turn 1/4 L (&), cross RF over L (3) (12:00)
&4&Step LF to L side (&), cross RF behind L (4), step LF to L side (&)
5–6&Cross Rock RF over L (5), recover on LF (6), step RF to R side (&)
7–8&Cross Rock LF over R (7), recover R (8), step LF to L side (&)
*Restart here wall 8 at (06.00)

[17 – 24] R Fwd Hitch, Run Fwd L-R-L Hitch, Rock, Recover, Back With Sweep, Rock, Recover
1–2&Step fwd on RF hitch L (1) Run fwd LF (2) Run fwd RF (&) (12.00)
3–4&Run LF fwd hitch R (3), Rock RF fwd (4), recover on LF (&)
5–6Step RF back sweep L from front to back (5), Step LF back sweep R from front to back (6)
7–8Step RF back – sit position (7), Touch LF in front of RF (8)

[25 – 32] Step With Sweep, Cross-Side, Behind With Sweep, Behind, ¼ Turn R, Sway Hip R-L-R-L
1–2&Step fwd on LF sweeping RF from back to front (1), Cross RF over LF (2), Step LF to L (&) (12.00)
3–4&Step RF behind sweeping LF from front to back (3), Step LF behind LF (4), ¼ Turn R Step RF Fwd (&)(3.00)
5–6–7Step fwd on LF (5), step RF to R side sway hip to R (6) Sway hip to L (&)
8&Sway hip to R (8), Sway hip to L (&) (3.00)

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Novi3NLD March 13, 2023

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