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Åsa Gustafsson (SWE) - January 2023
Intro: Starts on Lyrics ca 18 sec

#1: Half turn L toe heel x2, R rocking chair (12)
1.2Turn ½ turn L stepping back on R toe, step down on R heel
3.4Turn ½ turn L stepping fwd on L toe, step down on L heel (12)
(1,2,3,4:easy option: R toe strut fwd. L toe strut back fwd on R. Back on L. Step back on R. Fwd on L
*Restart on wall 3 at 12 O´clock

#2: Monterey ¼ L (3). Half a rumba hold count 8 (*at wall 7 (6) step change. ¼ Monterey
change to ½ Monterey. Restart facing 12 O´clock.)
1.2Point R toe to R. Turn ¼ R (3) put R foot beside L.
3.4Point L toe to L side. Put L foot beside R
5.6Step R to R side. L beside R foot
7.8Step fwd on R. Hold on count 8

#3: Rock ¼ turn R (6) L toe heel. Rock turn ¼ L(3). Press fwd on R (count 7,8)
1.2Step L to L side turn ¼ R stepping on R foot. (6)
3.4Cross L toe across R. Put heel down
5.6Step R to R side. Step on L foot turning ¼ turn L (3)
7.8Step fwd on R. Press/hold count

#4: Turn half turn R x2 Turn ¼ R (6) Cross rock, step a side hold count 8
1.2Turn ½ turn R stepping back on L, fwd on R (9)
3Turn ½ turn R stepping back on L (3)
4Turn ¼ turn R stepping R foot to R side (6)
(1,2,3,4: easy option: Step back on L,Turn ¼ R stepping R to R side, step L in front of R, step R to R side)
5.6.7Cross L in front of R. Step on R. Step L to L side

*End of wall 9 facing 12 there`s a little pause before starting the dance again. Dance walls 10 and 11 to Finish, have fun/Åsa

Last Update: 27 Feb 2023


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