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New Boots

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Yvonne Anderson (SCO), Ann Robb (UK) & Alex Robb (UK) - January 2023
Breakin' In These Boots - Holly Tucker
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Intro: Start on the word WINDOW – no tags & no restarts

S1: Cross Rock, Side Rock, Coaster ¼ Right, Cross Rock, Side Rock, Sailor ½ Left
1&2&Rock R across Left (&) Recover weight on L, Rock R to right side (&) Recover weight on L
3&4Step R behind Left making 1/8 Right, Step L slightly back making 1/8 Right, Step R fwd. (3.00)
5&6&Rock L across Right (&) Recover weight on R, Rock L to left side, Recover weight on R
7&8Step L behind right, ¼ turn left stepping R to right side,1/4 turn left stepping L to left (9.00)

S2: Shuffle Forward, Step, ½ Turn Right, Step, Triple Turn Forward, Kick Out Out
1&2Shuffle forward stepping R,L, R
3&4Step L forward, (&) make ½ turn right stepping on R, Step L forward (3.00)
5&6Make a full turn Left ( travelling forward ) stepping R, L, R (3.00 )
7&8Kick L forward (&) Step L to left side, Step R to right side ( feet apart ) (3.00)

S3: Heel Fans R & L, Run Back X 3, Coaster Cross, Side Shuffle
1&2&Swing R heel in, (&) Swing R heel out, Swing L heel in, (&) Swing L heel out
3&4Run back stepping R, L, R
5&6Step back on L, Step R beside L, Cross L over R
7&8Step R to Right side, (&) Step L beside Right, Step R to Right side

S4: Rock Back Side, Behind Side Cross, Side Touch, ¼ Turn Touch, Shuffle Forward
1&2Rock L behind Right, (&) Recover weight on R, Step L to Left side
3&4Step R behind L, (&) Step L to left side, Step R over L
5&6&Step L to left side, (&) Touch R beside L, ¼ turn right stepping R to right side, (&) Touch L beside R (6.00)
7&8Shuffle forward stepping L, R, L

S5: Mambo ½, Shuffle ½, Coaster Step, Toe-Heel-Stomp
1&2Rock R forward, (&) Recover weight on L preparing to turn, ½ turn right stepping R fwd (12.00)
3&4Make ½ turn right, stepping L,R,L (travel backwards ) (6.00 )
5&6Step R back, (&) Step L beside R, Step R forward
7&8Touch L toe next to R, (&) Touch L heel next to R, Stomp L forward (6.00 )

·Towards the end of the track the music slows down (wall 6, section 5) keep going at the normal pace
·Ending - Wall 7, dance up to section 2 counts 3&4 (step, turn, step ). Now change counts 5&6 to a 11/4 turn Left to finish on the front wall.

Yvonne Anderson -
Ann & Alex Robb – uk


unicorn February 14, 2023
Section 1 steps 3&4 it says coaster 1/4 turn but the steps are sailor 1/4 turn.

tilly February 15, 2023
I'm sure you will find that the steps are actually a coaster step. To do a 1/4 sailor, the steps would be step R behind L turning an 1/8, step L to L side turning a further 1/8, step R to R side .

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