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My Only Baby

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Absolute Beginner
Florian Simon (DE) & Ben Murphy (DE) - February 2023
My Only Baby - Ric Hassani
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Begin the dance after 32 counts.

2x diagonal points, 4x Walks to front
1,2Point R diagonal fwd, Close R to L
3,4Point L diagonal fwd, Close L to R
5-8Step fwd R, L, R, L

R Side Touch, L Side Touch, R Front Touch, L Back Touch.
1,2Step R to R side, touch L beside R.
3-4Step L to L side, touch R beside L.
5-6Step to front on R, touch L beside R
7-8Step back on L, touch R beside L

Side Together, Shuffle ,Side Together, Shuffle
1,2Step R diagonal back (facing 01:30), step L beside R
3&4Step R diagonal back, step L beside R, Step R diagonal back,
5-6Step L diagonal back (facing 10:30), step R beside L
7&8Step L diagonal back, step R beside L, Step L diagonal back,

Jazzbox, Paddle 3/4 Turn L
1,2Cross R over L, step L back
3,4Step R to side, turn to 12:00 and step L to front
5,6,7,8Keeping left foot planted, use right to push 4x for a 3/4 turn to the left

No tags, no restarts

Finish: Continue the paddle turn until facing 12:00

Florian Simon
Ben Murphy


Novi3NLD February 6, 2023
❀ItπŸ’ƒπŸ‘ πŸŒΊ

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