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Micaela Svensson Erlandsson (SWE) - February 2023
Y.M.C.A. - Village People : (Album: Can't Stop The Music OST - 3:22)
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Section 1: Right Chasse. Back Rock. Left Weave.
1&2Step right to right side. Close left beside right. Step right to right side.
3-4Rock back on left. Recover onto right.
5-8Step L to L side. Cross R behind L. Step L to L side. Cross R over L.

Section 2: Left Chasse. Back Rock. Right Vine ¼ Turn right. Step.
1&2Step left to left side. Close right beside left. Step left to left side.
3-4Rock back on right. Recover onto left
5-6Step right to right. Cross left behind right.
7-8Turn ¼ right stepping forward on right. Step forward on left.

Section 3: Forward Shuffle. Rock Step. Back Shuffle. Back Rock.
1&2Step forward on right. Close left beside right. Step forward on right.
3-4Rock forward on left. Recover onto right.
5&6Step back on left. Close right beside left. Step back on left.
7-8Rock back on right. Recover onto left.

Section 4: Cross. Point. Cross. Point. Cross. Heel bounce x3 unwinding ½, ¼, ¼.
1-2Cross right over left. Point left to left side.
3-4Cross left over right. Point right to right side.
5-6Cross right over left. Bounce heels unwinding ½ left.
7-8Bounce heels unwinding ¼ left. Bounce heels unwinding ¼ left.

Tag: V-Steps. Out. Out. In. In.
1-2Step R forward to R diagonal. Step L forward to L diagonal.
3-4Step R back to centre. Step L next to R.
5-8Step R to R side. Step L to L side. Step back to centre on R. Step L beside R

After Wall 2 (Facing 6 O’clock )
After Wall 6 (Facing 6 O’clock )
After Wall 10 (Facing 6 O’clock )

29 APR '23 100


Roger(leftfoot) February 20, 2023
Leftfoot says Hi 5 # 43

Micaela February 21, 2023
Hi RogerπŸ’ž
Thank you so muchπŸ’ž

gkw April 3, 2023
Hi Micaela,
I would like to teach your dance at a workshop in June in the United States. Most of my students are over 60 years old and older, the heel bounces are tough for them. Would it be
ok with you if I changed the heel bounces to 2- step 1/2 turns ending at the same wall as the heel bounces?
Thank you for all the great dances you create.
Happy Dancing,

Micaela April 4, 2023
Hello Gwen! Thank you so much for wanting to teach my danceπŸ’ž
Yes, it is okay πŸ’ž
I have also taught it with jazz box cross, instead of the heel bounce turn, to my older dancers.
If you prefer a 2 step 1/2 turns, feel free to teach it that way πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

gkw April 4, 2023
Thank you, I like the jazz box cross too. Thanks for the suggestion.

Micaela April 4, 2023
You are so very welcome πŸ’ž

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