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Made For Me

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Sue Jennings (USA) - February 2023
Me For Me - Tyler Hubbard
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Start: 16
[1-8] Unwind, Shuffle Back, Rock Back, Full Turn
1 2Cross R over L, unwind 1/2 turn to left keeping weight on L [6:00]
3 & 4Step back on R making 1/2 turn left, step L next to R, step R back [12:00]
(you can replace with a lockstep)
5 6Rock back on L, recover weight onto R
7 8Turn 1/2 right stepping back on L, turn 1/2 right stepping forward on R [12:00]

[9-16] Pivot 1/4 , Cross and Cross, Sways
1 2Step L to forward, recover weight on R turning 1/4 turn to right [3:00]
3 & 4Step diagonal forward on L, step R next to L, step diagonal forward on L
5 6 7 8Step R to right side, sway right, left, right, left
Restart on wall 3 facing [9:00]

[17-24] Sailor 1/4 turn, Rock Coaster, Slide
1 & 2Step R behind L making 1/4 turn to right, step L to L side, step R forward [6:00]
3 4Rock L forward, recover weight onto R
5 & 6Step L back, step R next to L, step L forward
7 8Take large step to right with R foot (7), drag L toward R (8)

[25-32] Rock Back, Shuffle Forward. Cross Point x 2
1 2Rock L behind R turning 1/4 to left, recover weight onto R [9:00]
3 & 4Step L forward, step R next to L, step L forward
5 6Cross R over L, point L to left side
7 8Cross L over R, point R to right side

Ending on wall 9, dance 15 steps (you’ll be facing 3:00).
On step 16, step back with L and turn to the front.


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