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Here I Am Honey

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José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL), Roy Verdonk (NL) & Jef Camps (BEL) - February 2023
Cry to Me - Kurt Davies
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Intro:16 counts

Section :1 - Side Rock, Recover, Cross, Sweep, Weave ¼ Turn
1-2RF rock side, recover on LF
3-4RF cross over LF, LF sweep forward
5-6LF cross over RF, RF step side
7-8LF cross behind, ¼ turn R & RF forward 3:00

Section 2: Mambo Forward, Hold, Coaster Step, Hold
1-2LF rock forward, recover on RF
3-4LF step back, hold
5-6RF step back, LF close next to RF
7-8RF step forward, hold

Section 3: Mambo ½ Turn, Brush, Walks Forward (R-L-R), Hitch
1-2LF rock forward, recover on RF
3-4½ turn L & LF step forward, RF brush next to L & forward 9:00
5-6R walk forward, LF walk forward
7-8RF walk forward, hitch L-knee

Section 4: Walks Back (L-R-L), Point, Rolling Vine, Cross
1-2LF walk back, RF walk back
3-4LF walk back, RF point toes to R side
5-6¼ turn R & RF step forward, ½ turn R & LF step back 6:00
7-8¼ turn R & RF step side, LF cross over RF 9:00

Easy option (counts 5-8) for Less experienced beginners:
RF step side (5), LF cross behind RF (6), RF step side (7), LF cross over RF (8)

Last Update - 11 Mar. 2023 - R2

2023 13 MAR 2 15 MAR '23 100


RiLo February 23, 2023
Voted ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

H Ward March 7, 2023
This is not a absolute beginner Dance ,On your 1st Dance could you do a mambo half turn and a rolling vine
just for your future Dances GET REAL

JCamps March 8, 2023
Hi H. Ward,

We have been worrying when we were deciding what level to put on. On the script we advise to use a non turning vine in stead of the rolling vine when teaching to dancers that are new to linedance. Later on, after a few weeks and when they are comfortable with the steps and improving their dance skills you can explain them the rolling vine as turning option.
We heard lots of instructors that have been teaching it to their new classes with the vine as stated on the script as absolute beginner option.

As there is only the one 1/2 turn mambo that makes it a little harder, but no syncopation, and no tags or restarts, we decided to list it as (absolute) beginner on the original script.
Unfortunately, none of the dance databases works with words between brackets for the dance level, so they have put absolute beginner on the script.

It's not very easy to put a level onto a script so we want you to know we considered both of the levels.
We checked other easier dances that have been popular throughout the last years and based on the levels on their script and level of difficulty we decided it was best to put it on the script like this.

Hope this makes sense :-)

Happy dancing.

HP March 10, 2023
More beginner than absolute beginner but I like it

SleevelessinTX March 12, 2023
I'm glad you changed the level to beginner. Much more appropriate. (I do not do holds, weaves, sweeps or more and a simple pivot quarter turn with new dancers.)

Dawny March 27, 2023
Love it!

suzyq April 9, 2023
Love this version of Cry to me and the dance is great for beginners that want to start putting turns in. I Love it.

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