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Sailor Stepping

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High Beginner
S.M. Fulton (USA) - February 2023
Cowboy Up - Vince Gill
Gold - Dierks Bentley
Wild Child - The Black Keys
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#32-count intro

More music options:-
Gold by Dierks Bentley -16-count intro (restart and tag)
Wild Child by The Black Keys – 32-count intro
and many others

Section 1: Cross side sailor step x 2
1 2 3&4Right cross over L, step L side, sailor step (R behind, L side, R side)
5 6 7&8Left cross over R, R side, sailor step*
OPTION: Make this a quarter sailor step (turning L); the dance becomes 2 walls

Section 2: Pivot-half, shuffle, pivot-half, shuffle
1 2 3&4R step forward, pivot-half, shuffle forward[6:00]
5 6 7&8L step forward, pivot-half, shuffle forward [12:00]
RESTART WALL 3 for “Gold”

Section 3: Side behind, chasse, cross-rock chasse quarter
1 2 3&4Step R to side, step L behind, chasse to the right
5 6 7&8Left cross over R, recover, chasse quarter [9:00]

Section 4: Point forward-side, sailor x 2
1 2 3&4Point R forward then to right side, sailor step
5 6 7&8Point L forward then side, sailor step

NOTE: This dance is for teaching the sailor step to beginners with some experience.
The Cowboy Up music is slow, so it allows time for movement during the sailor steps; once the dancers are comfortable with the sailor step, you can add the quarter turn in the first set if desired.

Gold by Dierks Bentley is faster music. It requires a restart after 16 counts on wall 3 and a 4-count rocking chair tag (lyrics: “1-2-3-4”) at the end of wall 9. Wall 9 starts at 3:00 and the tag is at 12:00. Then the last wall starts; you dance through the first 16 counts to end naturally at the front.
Wild Child is of moderate pacing.


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