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The Girl Can't Help It

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Laurent Chalon (BEL) - February 2023
I CAN'T HELP MYSELF - Kelsea Ballerini
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Intro : 16 Counts

Section 1: Vine R, Cross, Chassé R, Rock Back
1-2-3-4RF to R Side, LF Behind RF, RF to R Side, Cross LF over RF 12:00
5&6RF to R Side, LF next to RF, RF to R Side
7-8LF Back, Recover on RF

Section 2: Side, Touch Cross, Side, Touch Cross, Side, Behind, Chassé L ¼ turn
1-2LF to L Side, Touch RF over LF
3-4RF to R Side, Touch LF over RF
5-6LF to L Side, RF behind LF
7&8LF to L Side, RF next to LF, ¼ turn L and Step LF Forward 09:00

Section 3: Walk, Walk, Walk, Hitch ½ turn R, Walk, Walk , Walk, Touch
1-2-3-4Step RF Forward, Step LF Forward, Step RF Forward , Hitch LF ½ turn R 03:00
5-6-7-8Step LF Forward, Step RF Forward, Step LF Forward, Touch RF next to LF

Section 4: Step Forward Diagonaly, Touch, Step Back Diagonaly, Touch, Step Back Diagonaly, Side, Heel Bounces x2
1-2Step RF fwd to R diagonal, Touch LF beside RF
3-4Step LF back to L diagonal, Touch RF beside LF
5-6Step RF back to R diagonal, LF to L Side
&7&8Heel Bounces 2 times*
* Tag at the end of wall 8, facing 12:00

TAG: Side, Touch, Side, Touch
1-2RF to R Side, Touch LF next to RF
3-4LF to F Side, Touch RF next to LF

On the last wall (wall 11), in section 4, change count 5: Make ¼ turn Right and put RF to R side and finish the wall at 12:00.

Bonne danse… -

Last Update: 15 Mar 2023


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