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Valhalla Calling

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Claudia Arndt (DE) - February 2023
Valhalla Calling - Miracle of Sound
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Dance begins after 16 beats with the use of singing

S1: Touch Forward, Point, Coaster Step, Touch Forward, Point, ¼ Turn l/Coaster Step
1-2Tap right toe in front - Tap right toe right
3&4Step backwards with right - LF to the right and small step forward with right
5-6Tap left toe front - Tap left toe left
7&81/4 turn left and step backward with left - put RF on left and small step after front with left (9 o'clock)

S2: Rock Forward, Shuffle back Turning ½ r, Step, Pivot ¼ r, Shuffle Across
1-2Step forward with right - weight back on the LF
3&4¼ turn right and step right with right - LF to right, 1/4 turn right around and step forward with right (3 o'clock)
5-6Step forward with left - 1/4 turn right on both bales, weight at the end right (6 o'clock)
7&8LF cross far above right - Small step to the right with right and LF far above right cross
(Tag/Restart: In the 3th round - direction 12 o'clock - break off here, dance the bridge and start all over again)
(Restart: In the 4th and 7th round - direction 6 o'clock - break off here and start all over again)

S3: Touch-Heel-Stomp, back, Close, Touch-Heel-Stomp, Stomp Forward, Stomp
1&2Tap right toe next to LF (knee inward) - Tap right heel next to LF (toe outwards) and RF next to LF
3-4Step backwards with left - Set RF to LF
5&6Tap left toe next to RF (knee inward) - tap left heel next to RF (toe outwards) and LF next to RF
7-8Stamp RF front - LF next to right stamping

S4: Scissor Step r + l, Side-Behind-¼ Turn r, Step-Pivot ½ r- Step
1&2Step to the right with right - move LF to RF and cross RF over LF
3&4Step left with left - move RF to left and cross LF over RF
5&6Step right with right - LF cross behind RF , 1/4 turn right and step forward with right (9 o’clock)
7&8Step forward with left - 1/2 turn right on both balls, weight at the end right, and step forward
with left (3 o'clock)

Repetition to the end

Tag (after the end of the 6th and 9th round - 12 o'clock/)
Step, Pivot ½ l 2x
1-2Step forward with right - 1/2 turn left on both balls, weight at the end left
3-4Same as 1-2


Iris Wolff February 25, 2023
#2 = 5 stars

Schmetterling February 25, 2023

Ribka February 26, 2023

Schmetterling February 26, 2023
Thanks 😊

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