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Tucson Too Late

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Heather Jayne Endall (AUS) - February 2023
Tucson Too Late - Jordan Davis : (Amazon Music, Spotify etc)
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*1 Tag (4c w direction change) at Wall 5
**2 Restarts *Wall 3 restart after 32 counts & *Wall 5 restart after 4c tag at 24c

Dance starts at Lyrics (approx. 12 seconds into the music)

Section 1: Step fwd R step fwd L, shuffle, L fwd, 1/4 turn sailor
1,2,3&4R ft fwd(1) L ft fwd(2) R ft fwd, L ft beside R, R ft fwd (shuffle)(3&4)
5,6L ft fwd (5)  ¼ turn R (weight on R) (6)
7&8L ft to side (7) R ft behind, L to side (sailor 7&8) [6:00]

Section 2: Side, Behind, ¼ turn shuffle, L Rock fwd recover, L ft back Drag R ft cross over L,
1,2,3&4R ft to side (1) L ft behind(2) ¼ turn over R shoulder [9:00] R ft fwd L ft beside R, R ft fwd (3&4)
5,6,7,8L ft fwd (5)recover(6) Big step back w L ft drag R back (7) hitch cross R ankle over L (8) (weight remains on L)

Section 3: Step R, Step L, sway Hips, Step L, R ft 1.2 turn over L shoulder [3:00]
1,2,3&4Step R ft to side (1) sway and transfer weight to L (2) sway hips R,L,R (3&4)
5,6,7,8Cross L ft over R (5), recover (6) Step L to side (7) Step R ft ½ turn over L shoulder (8)

Section 4: Ball Cross, step L ft to side, Ball cross R ft over L, L side recover, ¼ sailor [6:00]
&1,2,3&4Lift L ft (ball) (&) cross R ft over (1) L ft step side (2) R cross (3) L ball (7) R cross (4)
5,6,7&8L step to side (5) recover (weight on R) (6) L ft behind (7) ¼ turn R ft to side (&) L to side (8) (sailor) [6:00]

Section 5: R step diag fwd heel lift w sway, L step diag fwd heel lift w sway
1,2,3,4R ft diagonal step (1) drag and close w L ft (2) R heel lift in place with sway (3) L heel lift in place with sway (4)
5,6,7,8L ft diagonal step (5) drag and close w R ft (6) L heel lift in place with sway (7) R heel lift in place with sway (8)

Section 6: R ft step back tap L, L ft step back tap R, R ft back sit back with slight turn, hold, step L ft fwd, ½ over L step R back , L ft ½ over L shoulder (spin)
1,2,3,4R ft step back (1) tap L ft beside R (2) L ft step back (3) tap R ft beside L (4)
5,6R ft step back (5) shift weight over R turning body slightly (6)
7,8L ft fwd turn ½ over L shoulder (7) R ft behind L, L ft ½ over L shoulder (8) (spin) * Option to take two steps fwd in place of spin

Finish the dance on wall 7 after 20 counts, simply turn to the front. I hope you enjoy it!

For questions / comments - please feel free to get in touch.
Heather Jayne Endall
Tel: 0417 955 752

Last Update: 26 Feb 2023


GerrieC February 25, 2023
I love it 💕 This one has a gorgeous lilt and flow... 😊

Amy R February 25, 2023
Love love love this dance vote #5 xxxx

Ene1 February 26, 2023
That’s awesome! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

! Lidia Ava February 26, 2023

LPower February 26, 2023
Love this one! 🤩

SnowDust February 26, 2023
Fantastic dance Heather. You are amazing. 🤩

Rochelle27 February 26, 2023
Great dance great music love it 😍

Wenarika February 27, 2023
Vote 35

Lucichryz February 27, 2023
V36 lovely choreo❤️

Heather Jayne February 28, 2023
I’m so grateful for your lovely comments everyone ❤️ Putting yourself out there on Copperknob is always a tad daunting 🙀. Thank you so very much for your support ❤️

Gaynor Allis March 2, 2023
Great song and another fabulous dance Heather, keep on going!!

Rochelle27 March 14, 2023
This is such a nice dance and song

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