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Beautiful Hope (美好的希望)

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Diana Liang (CN) - March 2023
Dance Above the Rainbow - Ronan Hardiman
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Intro : 16 - No Tag/Restart

S1: Forward, Tap, Back, Hook, Shuffle Forward, Stomps/Clapping
1-4step Rf forward, tap Lf behind Rf, step Lf back, hook Rf over Lf
5&6step Rf forward, step Lf next to Rf, step Rf forward
7-8stomp Lf next to Rf clapping once, stomp Rf in place clapping once

S2: Forward, Tap, Back, Hook, Shuffle Forward, 1/2L Pivot
1-4step Lf forward, tap Rf behind Lf, step Rf back, hook Lf over Rf
5&6step Lf forward, step Rf next to Lf, step Lf forward
7-8step Rf forward, turn 1/2 to L weight to Lf, 6H

S3: RL Forward/Clapping, Diagonal Lock RL, 1/4L Pivot
1-2step Rf forward clapping once, step Lf forward clapping once
3&4step Rf to R diagonal forward, lock Lf behind Rf, step Rf to R diagonal forward
5&6step Lf to L diagonal forward, lock Rf behind Lf, step Lf to L diagonal forward
7-8step Rf forward, turn 1/4 to L weight to Lf, 3H

S4: Jazzbox Forward, Scuff Hitch, RL Stomp Hitch, Touch
1-4cross Rf over Lf, step Lf back, step Rf to R side, step Lf forward
5-6scuff Rf forward into hitch, stomp Rf next to Lf hitching Lf
7-8stomp Rf next to Lf hitching Rf, touch Rf next to Lf

Ending: @the end of W10, turn 1/2 to R weight to Rf
1Turn 1/2 to R stepping Rf in place

Thanks and happy dancing!



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