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AA Stomp

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Easy Improver
Jan Blakely (USA) - March 2023
AA - Walker Hayes
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Intro: 16 counts - No Tags & No Restarts

R Stomp- Flip right, Shuffle across, L Rock left, Recover onto R, L behind-R side-L together
1-2Stomp R beside left - Flip R to right side
3&4Step R across left - Step L beside right - Step R across again
5-6Rock L to left - Rock back onto R to center
7&8Step L behind right - Step R to right - Step L beside right foot

R Kick fwd, R Kick ¼ wall right (3:00), RLR turning Sailor ¼ wall right (3:00), L Kick fwd, Kick ¼ wall left (12:00), LRL turning Sailor ¼ wall left (12:00)
1-2Kick R forward(12:00) – Kick R ¼ wall right (3:00)
3&4Step R behind left foot-Step L ¼ wall right (3:00)-Step R beside left foot
5-6Kick L forward (3:00) – Kick L ¼ wall left (12:00)
7&8Step L behind right foot-Step R ¼ wall left (12:00)-Step L beside right foot
Optional: Touches instead of kicks

R Long Step right-L Tap (½ way)-L Tap together, L Kick-L“ball”-R Change, L Long Step left-R Tap (½ way)& R Tap together, R Kick -R “ball”-L Change
1&2Long step R right- Tap L ½ way toward right foot-Tap L beside right foot
3&4Kick L forward -Step L on ball of foot-Lift & step R beside left foot
5&6Long step L left-Tap R ½ way toward left foot-Tap R beside left foot
7&8Kick R forward -Step R on ball of foot-Lift & step L beside right foot

R ½ wall pivot to left (6:00), RLR Shuffle ½ wall left (12:00), L Rock left-R recover (12:00), LRL turning Sailor ¼ wall left (9:00)
1-2Step R forward (12:00) - Pivot ½ wall left onto L (6:00)
3&4Step R forward ¼ wall left (3:00)-Step L beside right foot-Step R back ¼ wall left(12:00)
5-6Rock L to left - Recover to center onto R
7&8Step L behind right-Step R ¼ wall left (9:00)-Step L beside right foot


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