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Love Will Lead You Back

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Dian Rose (INA) - March 2023
Love Will Lead You Back - Taylor Dayne
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Intro 16 Count
Dance Starting on Vocal

*5 Restarts
On Wall 2 after 16& Count (12.00)
On Wall 4 after 12& Count (12.00)
On Wall 6 after 16& Count (12.00)
On Wall 9 after 24& Count and Step Change (06.00)
On Wall 10 after 12& Count (06.00)

S1. Rock Back, Back with Sweep, Step Right, Cross Rock, Recover, Step Left, Step Forward, 1/2 Turn Right, Step Forward, Full Turn
1R Rock Back
2L sweep behind R
&R Step Right
3L cross over R
4R Recover
&L step Left
5R Step Forward
6L Step Forward
&R 1/2 Turn Right
7L Step Forward
8R Full Turn (6.00)
&L Step Forward

S2. Basic NC R/L, Step Forward, Run L-R-L Hitch, Back
1R Step to R Side
2L Cross Behind R
&R Recover
3L Step to L Side
4R Cross Behind L
&L Recover
---**Restart here on Wall 4(12.00) and Wall 10 (6.00:)‐‐‐‐‐‐
5R Step Forward
6L Run Forward
&R Run Forward
7L Run Forward - Hitch R
8Step Back
&L Step Back
---*Restart here on Wall 2 and Wall 6 (12.00)

S3. Step with Sweep, Recover, Back with Sweep, Rock Recover, Step with Sweep, Cross- Side, Behind with Sweep, Behind, 1/4 Turn R, Step Forward, 1/2 Turn R
1R Step Back (Sweeping L from front to back)
2L Step Back (Sweeping R from front to back)
3R Step Back (Sweeping L from front to back) - Sit Position
4L Recover
5Cross R Over L
&L Step to L Side
6Step R Behind (Sweeping L fro front to back)
7Step L Behind L Side
&1/4 Turn R Step R Forward
8L Step Forward
&1/2 Turn R Forward
---*Restart and Step Change here at 6.00 after 24& Count
After 24 Count, Close R beside L and hold.
Change "&" to "Hold 8"

S4. Step Forward, Cross Shuffle, Lunge, 1/4 Turn L, Unwind 1/2 Turn
1Step Forward
2R Cross Over L
&L to L Side
3R Cross Over L
4L Cross Over
&R to R Side
5L Cross Over L
6Lunge R to Side
71/4 Turn L
8&Unwind 1/2 Turn

For any question about this dance, please don't hesitate to text me or pm to 
Happy Dancing🤩💃❤

Last Update: 7 Mar 2023


Marchy Susilani March 7, 2023
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Dian Rose March 7, 2023
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Suwik March 8, 2023
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Dian Rose March 8, 2023
Thanks bestie😘😘

Dwi Astutiningsih March 8, 2023
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Wenarika March 8, 2023
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Uli March 8, 2023
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Dian Rose March 8, 2023
Thanks Duww for your support

Dian Rose March 8, 2023
Thanks Kak Rika for your support 😘

Dian Rose March 8, 2023
Thanks Uli for your support 😘

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