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Some Guys Have All the Luck

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Jun Chung (USA) - February 2023
Some Guys Have All the Luck - Rod Stewart : (iTunes, Camouflage Album)
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Alternative Music: Only in My Dreams by Debbie Gibson

Intro: 32 counts, start after vocals “Some guys”. (Approx. 16 seconds into track)

Sec 1) Out, Out, Coaster Step, Out, Out, Coaster Step
1-2Step RF to R diagonal, step LF to L diagonal
3&4Step back on RF, close LF next to RF, step forward on RF
5-6Step LF to L diagonal, step RF to R diagonal
7&8Step back on LF, close RF next to LF, step forward on LF

Sec 2) Rock Recover, Cross Shuffle, Hinge ½ Turn R, Cross Shuffle
1-2Rock RF to R, recover on LF
3&4Cross RF over LF, step LF to L, cross RF over LF
5-6Turn ¼ R, stepping back on LF, turn ¼ R, stepping RF to R side (6:00)
7&8Cross LF over RF, step RF to R, cross LF over RF
During wall 5, restart here after 16 count

Sec 3) Kick Ball Change X2, Jazz Box Cross ¼ Turn R
1&2Kick RF diagonally, step RF besides LF, Step LF in place
3&4Repeat 1&2
5,6,7,8Cross RF over LF, step back on LF, step R ¼ turn right, step LF front of RF (9:00)

Sec 4) Sways with Flick, Sways with Hook
1-2Sway R, sway L,
3-4Sway R, flick LF behind RF
5-6Sway L, sway R
7-8Sway L, hook RF front of LF

Restart: Wall 5 begins at 12:00, restart after 16 count facing 6:00

Enjoy the dance

Contact: Jun Chung at


lil-smi March 8, 2023
Amazing dance!

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