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I Feel Like Dancing

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Michelle Wright (USA) - March 2023
I Feel Like Dancing - Jason Mraz
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Dance starts 16 counts in on the lyrics and travels counter clockwise

Since this whole song is about dancing feel free to add as much fun and extra in each part!
Make this dance your own!!

Section 1: R&L diagonal step together, diagonal side shuffle
1,2⅛ turn L Step R into R diagonal angling body to L diagonal, Step L next to R(10:30)
3&4Remaining angled to the L step R into R diagonal, Step L next to R, Step R into R diagonal
5,6¼ turn R Step L into L diagonal angling body to R diagonal, Step R next to L(1:30)
7&8L Step L to L forward into diagonal remaining angled, Step R next to L, Step L into L diagonal (1:30:
(styling for first section: keep knees slightly bent on 1,2 and 5,6: Push knees out slightly when stepping out, bring knees in slightly when coming together)

Section 2: Making Right full turning ark: L&R turning diagonal toe struts with hips, 1/4 RL walk, 1/2 forward Run RLR
1&2Touch R toe forward into diagonal (1:30) and bumping hip forward, bump hip back, Bump hip forward taking weight on R
3&4⅛ turn R touching L toe forward bumping hip forward, bump hip back, bump hip forward putting weight on L (3:00)
5,6⅛ turn R stepping forward R, ⅛ turn R stepping forward L (6:00)
7&8¼ turn R stepping R forward, ⅛ turn R stepping L forward, ⅛ turn R stepping R forward (12:00)
(This section should make a slight arc. Every step can be slightly over rotated to allow for a smoother transition)

Section 3: 1/4 Jazz box, Side, Together, Side Mambo cross
1,2Cross L over R, Step R back
3,4¼ turn L stepping L to L side, Step R next to L (or cross R over L)
5,6Step L to L side, Step R next to L
7&8Step L to L side, Recover on R, Cross L over R(9:00)
Arm options wall 1 he says pop and lock it. Bring hands up to chest elbows bent and pop chest with hands recover on cross step. On other walls have as much fun as you can with those side together steps

Section 4: R&L Diagonal Touch together with hip pushR&L hip rolls
1,2Touch R to R diagonal while pushing hip forward, Step R next to L
3,4Touch L to L Diagonal while pushing hip L, Step L next to R
5,6Step R to R side as you roll hips counter clockwise, Bump hip L
7,8Putting weight on L roll hips clockwise, bump hip R
Optional fun wall ending: On wall 8 during section 4 he says Freeze. For that wall only, you can leave out the last 4 counts of section 4(hip rolls) and strike your best dancing pose with your weight on your L foot.

End of dance! Any questions email

Last Update: 17 Mar 2023

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