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She Lays It On The Line

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Lynn Funk (USA) - March 2023
She Lays It All On the Line - George Strait
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Dance starts on vocals about 40 counts into the music

Side Shuffle with Rock/Recover Right and Left
1&2, 3-4Side Shuffle Right (RLR), Rock LF Back, Recover RF
5&6, 7-8Side Shuffle Left (LRL), Rock RF Back, Recover LF
Restarts Here on Wall 3 Facing 6:00 and Wall 5 Facing 12:00

Hip Dips Right and Left with Right Kick, Behind/Side/Cross Shuffle
1-4Step RF to R, Dip Right Hip Angled to Left with Left Leg Pointing Left, Shift Weight to LF, Dip Left Hip Angled to Right with a Right Leg Pointing Right with a Kick
5-6, 7&8Step RF Behind LF, Step LF to Left, Cross Right Over Left with Cross Shuffle

Rock/Recover, Behind/Side/Cross Shuffle, Side Touch
1-4Rock LF to Left, Recover on RF, Step LF Behind RF, Step LF to Left,
5&6, 7-8Cross LF Over RF with Cross Shuffle (LRL), Step RF to Right, Step LF Next to RF

V-Step, Turn 1/4 Right with Right Side Touch, Left Side Touch
1-4Step RF Forward at slight Right Diagonal, Step LF Forward at slight Left Diagonal, Step RF Back to Center, Step LF Next to RF
5-8Turn 1/4 Right Step RF to Right, Touch L Toe Next to RF, Step LF to Left, Touch R Toe Next to LF

End of Dance

Restarts: There are 2 Easy Restarts on Wall 3 Facing 6:00 and Wall 5 Facing 12:00 after the first 8 counts.

Tag: There is a 2 count tag at the end of Wall 6 Facing 3:00. The Tag is a Rock/Recover as follows:
1-2Rock RF Back, Recover on LF Then Restart the Dance.

Contact: Lynn Funk -


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