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A Rockin' Good Way

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Richard Campbell (USA) - March 2023
A Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around and Fall In Love) - Shakin' Stevens & Bonnie Tyler : (iTunes - Album: The Collection)
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Point forward, to the right side, sailor shuffle (hook,step,step), repeat with left.
1-2Point right toe forward, point to the right side.
3&4Step right foot behind left, step left foot to left, step right foot next to left.
5-6Point left toe forward, point to left side.
7&8Step left foot behind right, step right to right, step left next to right.

Touch right heel forward, right toe back, forward, back, Step-turn, point, cross, point.
1-2Touch right heel forward, touch right toe back.
3-4Touch right heel forward, touch right toe back.
5-6Step right foot forward while turning ¼ to the right. (3 o’clock), point left foot to left.
7-8Cross left foot over right foot, point right foot to right.

Jazz box with crossover end, Side shuffle right, Rock recover.
1-2Cross right foot over left, step back on left.
3-4Step right foot to right side, cross left foot over right foot.
5&6Step right foot to right side, step left next to right, step right to the right side.
7-8Rock back on left foot, recover forward on right foot.

Side shuffle left, Rock recover, Step, hold, pivot, hold.
1&2Step left foot to left side, step right next to left, step left to left side.
3-4Rock back on right foot, recover forward on left foot.
5-6Step forward with right foot placing foot directly in front of left foot, hold for one count.
7-8On balls of both feet pivot ½ turn to the left. (9 o’clock) ending with weight forward, hold for one count.

Start over.

Optional styling-- In place of last 4 counts do the following:
Step forward, bounce turn, bounce turn bounce turn.
5-6Step right foot forward, lifting the heels of both feet, twist left slightly, replace weight on heels.
7-8Lifting both heels, twist slightly left, repeat. End facing 9 o’clock (new wall)
Start Over Oct. 11, 2022 Modified Feb. 27, 2023


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