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We Feel Like Dancing

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Low Intermediate
Rick Dominguez (USA) - March 2023
I Feel Like Dancing - Jason Mraz
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[1-8] Slide Right, Left Knee Shake, Toe Touches X2, Step L, Head Bop
1,2Slide R to right side, touch L next to R
3&4Shake L knee to the left, right, left
5&6&Touch L toe forward, recover weight on L, touch R toe forward, recover weight on R
7&8Step forward on L, as you bop head up down and up

[9-16] Ball Step, Forward “Soul Train” C Bumps X2, Flick, ¾ Walk Around
&1,2Step R behind L, Step L forward as you raise up, roll hip down
&3,4&Step R behind L, Step L forward as you raise up, roll hip down, flick R foot back
5,6,7,8Walk in a tight circle ¾ turn over your right shoulder stepping, R,L,R,L (9:00)
*Optional arms (As you start the C bumps on 1 bring your left arm out and swing your right arm up, fist closed, drop your right arm back by your side as you roll down on 2, repeat on 3,4)

[17-24] Ball Point, Camel Walks (Knee Pops) X2, Mambo Step, Back Heal Digs X2
&1,2Step R next to L, Point L toe to left side, pull L back next to R not taking weight
3,4Step forward L, popping R knee, step forward R popping L knee
5&6Rock L forward, recover weight on &, step back on L
7,8Step back on R as you swivel L heel towards left side, step back on L as you swivel R heel towards right side. (*Styling tip: Wall 5, Moon Walk on 7,8)

[25-32] Hip Sway R L, Hip Sway R L R, Hip Sway L R, Hip Roll Bumping Hip L Full Circle
1,2Step R to right side as you sway your hips to the R, step L to left side as you sway L
3&4Shift weight as you sway hips from side-to-side swaying R, L, R
5,6Step L to left side as you sway your hips to the L, step R to right side as you sway R
7-8Swing your hips in a circle bumping to the left, clockwise rotation to the right, ending back to the left side. (styling this to your own taste with a little attitude)
Optional arms*(Swing arms behind your body in the direction of your hip sways)
**(Styling tip on wall 2, on second count of 8, as you walk around the ¾ turn, add a full pivot turn on 7,8)

Thanks to Jonno Liberman for guidance with this dance! Hope you enjoy!

Rick Dominguez -


Chandrani March 18, 2023
Nice choreography 😉👌

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