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Do No Wrong (DXP Benidorm 2023)

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Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - January 2023
Do No Wrong - Danger Twins
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Intro: 32 Counts, Start at approx 11 secs

SEC 1 Side, Hold, Cross, Hold, Back, Side, Cross, Hold
1-2Step right to right, hold
3-4Cross left over right, hold
5-6Step right back, step left to left
7-8Cross right over left, hold

SEC 2 ¼ Back, Side, Slow Vaudeville, Side, Touch, Hold
1-2Turn ¼ right step left back, step right to right (3:00)
3-4Cross left over right, step right to right
5-6Touch left heel to left diagonal, step left to left
7-8Touch right beside left, hold

SEC 3 Slow Forward Coaster Step, Hold, Heel Splits x2
1-2Step right forward, step left beside right
3-4Step right back, hold
5-6Split both heels, return both feet to centre
7-8Split both heels, return both feet to centre

SEC 4 Slow Coaster Step, Hold, Step, Hold, ¼ Pivot, Hold
1-2Step left back, step right beside left
3-4Step left forward, hold
5-6Step right forward, hold
7-8Pivot ¼ left transferring weight onto left, hold (12:00)
Restart Here on Wall 3

SEC 5 Cross, Hold, Back, Hold, Slow Side Shuffle, Brush
1-2Cross right over left, hold
3-4Step left back, hold
5-6Step right to right, step left beside right
7-8Step right to right, brush left forward

SEC 6 Cross, Hold, Back, Hold, Slow ¼ Side Shuffle, Hold
1-2Cross left over right, hold
3-4Step right back, hold
5-6Step left to left, step right beside left
7-8Turn ¼ left step left forward, hold (9:00)

SEC 7 Slow Charleston Step
1-2Touch right forward, hold
3-4Step right back, hold
5-6Touch left back, hold
7-8Step left forward, hold

SEC 8 Rock, Side Rock, Back Rock, Point, Touch
1-2Rock right forward, recover weight onto left
3-4Rock right to right, recover weight onto left
5-6Rock right back, recover weight onto left
7-8Point right to right, touch right beside left


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