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Sunny Day Love (P)

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Alice Daugherty (USA) & Tim Hand (USA) - March 2023
Save It For A Sunny Day - Drake Milligan
The Kind of Love We Make - Luke Combs
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M1 - (16 cts intro)
M2 - (32 cts intro)

Starting Position Side By Side Both On Same Footwork

Section 1: Walk, Walk, Triple Forward, Rock Recover, ½ Turn Triple Step
1-2Step Forward Right (1) Step Forward Left (2)
3&4Step Forward Right (3 ) Step Left Next To Right (&) Step Forward Right (4)
5 6Rock Forward Left (5) Recover Back On Right (6) (Drop Left Hands)
7&8Step Left Back Making ¼ Turn Left (7) Step Right Next To Left (&) Step Left Forward Making ¼ Turn Left (8)

Section 2: Step 1/4 Turn Left, Crossing Triple, Side Behind Triple Left
1 2Step Right Forward (1) Pivot ¼ Turn Left (2) OLOD
(Pick Up Lady’s Right Hand Man Behind Lady Double Hand Hold)
3&4Cross Right over Left (3) Step Left To Side (&) Cross Right In Front Of Left (4)
5 6Step Left to the side (Slightly Forward) (5) Step Right Behind Left (6)
7&8Step Left To Side (7) Step Right Next To Left (&) Step Left To Side (8)

Section 3: Rock Recover ¼ Turn Triple Back Rock Men Triple Forward Lady’s Turn
1 2Rock Back On Right (1) Recover Left (2)
3&4Step Right To Side Making 1/8 Turn To Left (3) Lock Left In front Of Right () Step Right Back Making 1/8 Turn Left (4) (facing LOD)
5 6Rock Back On Left (5) Recover To Right (6)
7&8(Men) Step Left Forward (7) Step Right Next To Left (&) Step Left Forward (8) (Drop Left Hands)
(Lady) Step Left To Side Making ¼ Turn Right (7) Step Right Next To Left (&) Step Left Forward Making ¼ Turn Right (8)

SECTION 4: Man Turn, Lady Rock ½ Turn Triple Back, Walk, Walk, Coaster Step
1 2(Man) Step Right Forward (1) Pivot ½ Turn Left (Place Right Hand On Lower Back and Left Hand across body picking up lady’s left) (2) Facing RLOD (on ct 3 man will drop R arm taking L over lady’s head)
Lady Rock Back On Right (1) Recover On Left (2) (Facing RLOD)
3&4BOTH - Step Right To Side Making ¼ Left (3) Step Left Together (&) Step Right back Making ¼ Turn Left (4) (LOD)
5 6Step Left Foot Back (5), Step Right Back (6) Side by Side picking up Ladys Right Hand
7&8Step Left Back (7) Step Right Together With Left (&) Step Left Forward (8)

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