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I'll Always Be There

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Beginner waltz
Micaela Svensson Erlandsson (SWE) - March 2023
I'll Always Be There - Mark Masri
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intro 24 counts

Section 1 Cross. Sweep (2 Counts). Cross Sweep (2 Counts).
1-3Step forward on left across right. Sweep right from back to front (2 Counts).
4-6Step forward on right across left. Sweep left from back to front (2 Counts).
As you sweep right, twist your body into the left diagonal, with weight on left.
As you sweep left, twist your body into the right diagonal, with weight on right.

Section 2 Left Twinkle. Cross. Side. Behind.
1-3Cross left over right. Rock right to right side. Recover onto left.
4-6Cross right over left. Step left to left side. Cross right behind left.

Section 3 Side. Point. Hold. ¼ Turn right. Full Turn forward.
1-3Step left to left side. Point right foot to right side. Hold.
4Turn ¼ right stepping forward on right.
5-6Make a full turn over right shoulder, traveling forward, stepping left, right.
Easy Option: Replace the Full turn with 2 Walks forward.

Section 4 Forward Basic. Back Basic.
1-3Step forward on left. Step right in place. Step left in place.
4-6Step back on right. Step left in place. Step right in place.

Easy Tag: After Wall 17, facing 3 O’clock
Dance Section 4, two more times, then start over.

Ending: Try to follow the rhythm of the music, as it is slowing down.Turn ¼ left (after section 2) as the music is ending, and hold until it has ended completely 

Last Update: 31 Mar 2023


Novi3NLD March 30, 2023

Micaela March 31, 2023
Aw, thank you so much for that Novi❤️

dancer33 April 11, 2023
Beautiful dance to one of my favourite songs x

Micaela April 11, 2023
Aw, thank you so much, dancer33💞

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