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Dancing With My Eyes Closed EZ

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Suzi Beau (ENG) - April 2023
Eyes Closed - Ed Sheeran
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Intro: 16 Counts

Section 1 Dorothy x2, Walk Walk, Anchor step
1 2&Step R to R diagonal, lock left behind R, Step R to R diagonal
3,4 &Step L to L diagonal, Lock R behind L, Step L to L diagonal
5,6Walk forward R, L
7&8Lock R behind L, Step Forward on L, Recover back R

Section 2 Back Back out out back, Rock back, Knee pop walk
1,2Walk back L, R
&3,4Step back out L, Out Right , Step back L
5,6Rock back on R, Recover L
7,8Step forward R popping L knee, Step forward L popping R knee

Section 3 Forward Rock, Shuffle 1/2 R, Forward rock, Coaster Cross
1 2Rock forward on R, Recover L
3&4Shuffle 1/2 R Stepping R,L,R
5,6Rock forward on L Recover R
7&8Step back on L, Close R to L, Step L across R

Section 4 Vine R Point L, Look R, Rolling vine 1 and 1/4 turn L Shuffle forward L
1,2Step R to R side, Step L behind R
3 4Step R to R side, Point L to L side, Look over R shoulder
5, 6Turn 1/4 L stepping forward L, Turn 1/2 L Stepping back R
7&8Shuffle 1/2 L stepping L, R, L

Restart wall 4 after 16 counts (knee Pops)

Tag and Restart wall 9 after 16 counts (Knee Pops) repeat count 7, 8 (Knee Pops) Then Restart

Please dont dance with your eyes closed for health and safety reasons :)

Thank you to Jo Myers for sending me the music and asking me to choreograph to it


Jo Myers April 1, 2023
great choreography , fits perfectly brilliant floor split & match for Maggie & Garys eyes closed .. now we can all dance this together .. thankyou

Suzi Beau April 1, 2023
Thank you 😊

Candace Jajo-Burns April 14, 2023
I love it! I'll be sure not to dance with my eyes closed either lol

Suzi Beau April 15, 2023
Haha thank you xx

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