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Christiane FAVILLIER (FR) & Gwendoline HOPIN (FR) - 16 March 2023
Last Night - Morgan Wallen
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musical intro : 16 counts

[1 to 8] –Walk X2, Anchor Step, Back Step X2, L Coaster Step
1 2RF walking, LF walking
3 & 4Place RF heel on the ground and lift the LF heel, rest heel on the ground
5 6Recall LF, back up RF
7 & 8Back up LF, assemble RF to LF, advance LF

[9 to 16] - L Full Turn, Half Rumba Box X2, R Rock Step with ¼ turn R
1 2Pivot 1/2 round to L by posing RF behind, and again 1/2 tower to L by placing LF before
(Option: replace the Full Turn by RF step in front, LF march in front)
3 & 4Place RF on the right, bring LF back near the RF, advance RF
5 & 6Place LF on the left, bring RF near the LF, advance LF
7 & 8Place RF in front (with weight) return to LF with 1/4 turn right (3:00) put RF ro R
* Restart on the 4th wall facing 6:00 am: at the end of section 2, in account 7 & 8 ..
Add one &: Gather the LF next to the RF, body weight on the LF, then take the dance from start to 6:00

[17 to 24] - Cross Over, Side, Sailor Step X2
1 2Cross the LF in front of the RF, put the RF in R
3 & 4Cross the LF behind the RF, place the RF to R, place the LF to L
5 6Cross the RF in front of the LF, put the LF to L
7 & 8Cross the RF behind the RF, ¼ of Tours to R, Place the LF to L, Place the RF to R

[25 to 32] - L Mambo Step FWD, R Triple Step Back, L Coaster Step, Montery Turn ¼ R
1 & 2Place the LF in front, return to support and collect the LF next to the RF
3 & 4Place the RF behind, collect the LF, put the RF behind
5 & 6back up the LF behind, collect the RF next to the LF, advance the LF in front
7 & 8 &Point the RF to R, Gather the RF next to the LF, while swivel from 1/4 Tour to R, Point the LF to L and collect the LF to L next to the RF. (weight on LF)

Final: You are facing 6:00 am Rock Step of the RF on ½ turn (instead of 1/4 turn of turn) so as to finish at 12:00. THANKS


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