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And Get It On AB

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Ursula Klinger-Mendl (AUT) - April 2023
Marvin Gaye (feat. Meghan Trainor) - Charlie Puth
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- Based on Gary Laffertys "Until The Dawn" -

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Intro: 32 counts

[S1] Walk R-L-R, Locking Shuffle fwd, Rockstep, Shuffle ½ turn right
1-3Walk fwd R-L-R
4&5Step L forward (4), Lock R behind L (&), Step L forward (5)
6-7Rock R fwd (6), Recover weight onto L (7)
8&1Turn ¼ right, Step R to right side, step L beside R, ¼ turn right and step R forward (6:00)

[S2] Walk L-R, Locking Shuffle fwd, Step turn ¼ left, Cross shuffle
2-3Walk fwd L-R
4&5Step L forward (4), Lock R behind L (&), Step L forward (5)
6-7Cross R over L (6), turn ¼ left on both balls (7) (3:00)
8&1Cross R over L, Step L to left side, Cross R over L

[S3] Weave to the left with Point, Weave to the right with Point
2-4Step L to left side (2), Cross R behind L (3), Point L out to left side (4)
5-6Cross L over R (5), Step R to right side (6)
7-8Cross L behind R (7), Point R out to right side (8)

[S4] Weave to the left, Jazz Box with ¼ turn right
1-2Cross R over L (1), Step L to left side (2)
3-4Cross R behind L (3), Step L to left side (4)
5-6Cross R over L (5), Step L back (6)
7-8Turn ¼ right and step R to right side (7) , Step L forward (8) ( 12:00)

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Last Update - 8 May 2023 - R1


Nors May 6, 2023
This dance is a copy of Until the Dawn by Garry Lafferty apart fron a few steps.

LouiseG May 6, 2023
This is plagiarism on the worst scale. Not cool

Karen Kennedy May 6, 2023
If you wish to Choregraph dances then make sure the dance is original and not using a dance that the Line Dance Community has used to teach Beginners which is called Until The Dawn. Your dance is just a few small changes in section 1 with 3 walks instead of 2. In section two you put 1/4 pivot and cross Shuffle. Just because you change the counts in section 1 & 2 to 8&1 count doesn't alter the dance as section 3 & 4 is a very same as Until The Dawn by Gary Lafferty. Your dance is also 2 walls and I think you should remove your dance and show some respect to a well known Scottish Choreographer. If you wish to become well known then make sure your dances are original and not copied from another.

sianjenkins8 May 6, 2023
I don’t think Gary Lafferty ( the choreographer of this dance which was released in June 2015) will be happy to see your name as the choreographer. May I suggest you remove this script before you upset him and many of the thousands that continue to dance “Until The Dawn” on a regular basis.
Or, giving you the benefit of the doubt, has there been some sort of mix. up?

Andy arizona May 7, 2023

DFF Dance For Fun May 7, 2023
Thank you for your comments, not very nice but, yes, I first wanted to teach Until The Dawn so that we could do a floorsplit with the dance "And Get It On" from Daniel Trepat. But the timing doesn't fit. Trepats dance has a chacha timing and Garry Laffertys doesn't. So, I wrote it new. But I can see that it is very similar to Until The Dawn. For me, as the timing is totally different, I didn't have the feeling that is a plagiarism.

DFF Dance For Fun May 7, 2023
But, yes, I can see what you mean, I will remove the Stepsheet.

DFF Dance For Fun May 8, 2023
Concerning all the comments above: I finally did NOT remove the stepsheet. In the first line of the sheet, Gary Lafferty's Until The Dawn is now quoted.
Thank you for making me aware that Gary Lafferty has the right to be mentionend for giving me the inspiration for this dance that has some elements of his "Until The Dawn".
Sorry again for neglecting this before.

Gundi June 7, 2023
Beautiful dance, Uschi, and now it can be danced as a floorsplit together with dancers of "And Get It On"

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