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Forget Me

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Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - April 2023
Forget Me - Lewis Capaldi
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1 tag after wall 4 for 4 counts.
1 restart in wall 6 after 16 counts ending facing 6 o`clock

Rock step to the right, behind side forward, rock step left, behind side forward.
1RF step to the right.
2Recover weight on LF.
3RF cross behind LF.
&LF step to the left.
4RF cross forward LF.
5LF step to the left.
6Recover weight on RF.
7LF cross behind RF.
&RF step to the right.
8LF cross forward RF.

Rock step forward, 4/4 triple turn over right, rock step forward, 1 ¼ turn over left.
1RF step forward.
2Recover weight on LF.
3½ turn right, RF step forward.
&LF close RF.
4½ turn right, RF step forward.
5LF step forward.
6Recover weight on RF
7½ turn left, LF step forward.
&RF closes LF.
83/4 turn left, LF step left.

Rf cross forward LF, LF left, Sailor kick, LF cross forward, step right, ½ turn left, slide left, touch.
1RF cross forward LF.
2LF step left.
3RF cross behind LF.
&LF closes RF.
4RF step right.
5LF cross forward RF.
6RF step right.
&½ Turn over left.
7LF slide to left.
8RF touches LF.

And out and in, kick ball change, step forward, lock behind, ½ turn right, walk walk.
&RF step right.
1LF step left.
&RF step middle.
2LF closes RF.
3RF kick forward.
&RF closes LF.
4LF step forward.
5RF lock behind LF.
6½ turn right.
7RF step forward.
8LF step forward

Tag: Tap, Tap, kick ball change.
1Tapp RF down.
2Tapp RF down.
3RF kickforward.
&RF closes LF.
4LF step forward.


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