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Ya Got Me (Improver)

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Sher Mcintosh (CAN) - April 2023
Section I:LT Big Step FWD, Touch, Fan RT Heel 2X to RT, RT Back (on angle), LT Touch, LT Fwd (return), RT Touch
1, 2Large LT Step FWD, RT Step Touch Beside LT
3&4RT Fan Heel to RT Side rapidly 2 X, keeping perched on RT Toe (out, in, out)
5, 6RT Step Back(on an angle facing 3 o clock)to the RT, LT Touch
7, 8LT Step FWD (removing angle), RT Touch

Section II: RT Lindy, Left Vaudeville with LT touch
1&2RT Chasse
3,4LT Rock Back, RT Recover
5, 6LT Step LT, RT Rock Back
&7&8Step LT, RT Heel FWD, RT Step, LT Touch beside RT
*2 ND TAG Wall 8 (9 o clock) - Step change the Vaudeville to a LT Lindy(5&6) and turn 1/ 4 RT on the rock back(7,8) so you are facing 12 o clock.Tag,continue with Section III.

Section III:LT FWD, RT together, Swivel Heels RT with Dip, return, LT Step FWD Turn 1 / 4 RT, Step RT, LT Stomp 2 X
&1LT Hop FWD, RT Step Together
3, 4Swivel both Heels RT and Dip (bend knees) at same time, Return
5, 6Step LT FWD, RT 1/ 4 Turn and step on RT Foot
7, 8Stomp LT Foot Twice
*1 S T TAG Here –Complete Wall 4, at 9 o clock, then Tag (faces 12)

*Tag: RT Heel taps up/down(&lasso) all 4X, RT Break a Leg 2X, LT Heel Taps up/down (point up&down) 2X, LT Hip Bumps (up & down) 2X
1 - 4RT Heel Taps Up & down 4X (same time:lasso with right hand 4X)
5 – 8Break a Leg 2 X (ie:RT knee bend to centre, return 2X) down, up, down, up
9 – 12LT Heel Taps Up & down 4X (point Left hand up, down 2X)
13&14&15&16Raise LT Hip Bump Out& In , Lower LT Hip Bump Out& In(repeat 2X)

*1 ST Tag: Complete Wall 4 (9 o clock), then Tag (faces 12)
*2 ND Tag: Wall 8 (9 o clock), after Section II, step change Vaudeville to a Lindy adding 1 / 4 Turn Right so you are also facing 12 o clock for this Tag. Continue with Section III.


SIW April 13, 2023
Good one Sher!

SherMcIntosh April 14, 2023
Thank you SIW! So glad you like it!!-Sher-

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