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Dance With Me Again

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Christel Ruda (SWE) - April 2023
Wanna See You Dance With Me - Da Buzz
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Intro 8 counts, start on lyrics
No tags, no restarts

Section 1: Step lock step, Scuff, Step lock step, Scuff
1-2Step RF forward, lock LF behind RF
3-4Step RF forward, scuff LF forward
5-6Step LF forward, lock RF behind LF
7-8Step RF forward, scuff RF forward

Section 2: Crosspoint x 2, Rocking Chair
1-2Cross RF over LF, point LF to left side
3-4Cross LF over RF, point RF to right side
5-6Rock forward on RF, recover weight on LF
7-8Rock back on RF, recover weight on LF

Section 3: Step turn ¼ x 2, Mambo step R, Mambo step L
1-2Step RF forward, turn ¼ to left, step LF together
3-4Step RF forward, turn ¼ to left, step LF together
5&6Step RF to right side, recover on LF, step RF together
7&8Step LF to left side, recover on RF, step LF together

Section 4: Vine R, Vine L
1-2Step RF to right side, cross LF behind RF
3-4Step RF to right side, touch LF beside RF
5-6Step LF to left side, cross RF behind LF
7-8Step LF to left side, touch RF beside LF

Option: In the chorus when they sing ”just go hold me tight” cross your arms to your chest.

Submitted by: Marie Olsson,


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