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I Ain't Never

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Ultra Beginner - Partner / Mixer
Christiane FAVILLIER (FR) - 7 April 2023
I Ain't Never - BR5-49
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Intro : 8 counts

[1 to 8] - Heel Forward x 2 - Walk x 2 - R Stomp x 2
1 2 3 4Place heel R in front, bring it back near the LF, put heel L in front, bring it back near the RF
5 6walking RF, walking LF
7 8Stomp the RF twice on the ground
Restart here, after 8 counts, please, repeat the start of the start with the same partner

[9 to 16] - Step Side Together, Side Step Together X 2,
1 2 3 4Pose RF to R, bring LF back near the RF, pose RF to R, bring LF back near the RF
5 6 7 8Pose LF to L, bring RF near the LF, put LF to L, bring RF back near the LF

[17 to 24] - R Step Forward, L Lock, R Step Forward, L Scuff - L step Forward, R lock, L step Forward, R scuff -
1 2 3 4Advance RF, bring LF behind RF, advance RF, racile the heel L to the ground
5 6 7 8Advance LF in front, cross RF behind LF, advance LF, racile the heel on the ground

[25 to 32] - R Rocking Chair & Walk X4 R, L, R, L (and Change Partners)
1 2 3 4Place RF in front (with weight) Return to LF and put RF behind (with weight) and come back
5 6 7 8RF, LF, RF, LF (forward and change partner)


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