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Calendar Girl

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Alida Ho (NZ) - April 2023
Calendar Girl - Neil Sedaka : (Album: The Very Best of Neil Sedaka - Remastered)
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Intro: Start about 30 counts in, on the word “January”

SEC.1. Right Shuffle, back rock recover, Left Shuffle, back rock recover
1&2,3,4Step to side on RF, together, step to side with RF, rock back on LF, recover on RF,
5&6,7,8Step to side with LF, together, step to side with LF, rock back on RF, recover on LF.

SEC.2. K Step
1,2,3,4Step forward diagonally on RF, touch LF, step back diagonally on LF, touch RF,
5,6,7,8Step back diagonally on RF, touch LF, step forward diagonally on LF, touch RF.

SEC.3. ¼, ¼ Turning Right Toe Struts, side, touch x 2
1,2,3,4Step forward on RF (toe, heel) and turn ¼ right. Step back on LF and turn another ¼ right (toe, heel),
5,6,7,8Step right with RF, touch LF, step left with LF, touch RF. (6.00)

SEC.4. Rock recover, Coaster Step, cross, side, behind, ¼ turn right
1,2,3&4Step forward on RF, recover to LF. Step back on RF, together, step forward on RF,
5,6,7,8Cross LF in front of RF, step RF to side, step LF behind RF, turn ¼ right, stepping forward on RF. (9.00)

SEC.5. Figure 8
1,2,3,4Step to side with LF, step RF behind LF, step ¼ forward on LF, step forward on RF,
5,6,7,8turn ½ left, step to side on RF, step LF behind RF, step ¼ forward on RF. (3.00)

SEC.6. Side rock recover, cross rock recover, side together, Forward Shuffle
1,2,3,4Rock to side on LF, recover on RF, cross LF over RF, recover on RF,
5,6,7&8step to side on LF side, together, shuffle forward L,R,L.

SEC.7. Rocking Chair, step to side, touch, kick, together, touch
1,2,3,4Step forward on RF, recover on LF. Step back on RF recover on LF,
5,6,7&8Step to side on RF, touch LF next to RF. Low kick forward with LF together, touch RF next to LF.

SEC.8. Walk, walk, walk, point, back, back, ¼ turning left Sailor Step
1,2,3,4Walk forward RF, LF, RF, point LF to the side,
5,6,7&8Walk back LF, RF, then do a ¼ left turning Sailor Step by sweeping LF behind RF, step right with RF, recover on onto LF. (12.00)

FINISH: The dance finishes on Wall 5. It fades out after Sect. 3, Count 24 (you will be facing 6.00). On RF step ½ turn pivot left. Step forward on RF and point LF out to the side.



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