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Christiane FAVILLIER (FR) - 30 March 2023
Is a Bluebird Blue - Band of Oz : (album: Let it roll)
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16c musical intro (start on the lyrics!)

[1 to 8] - Toe Strut Side and Toe Strut Cross & clicks, Rock Side Cross, Hold
1 2 3 4Place the point of the RF on the right, place the heel R, cross points of the LF in front put the left heel
5 6 7 8Place RF on the right (with the weight) and come back by crossing RF in front of LF,HOLD

[9 to 16] - Toe Strut Back X 2 & clicks, L Coaster Step, Hold
1 2Place the point of the LF behind, place the heel L
3 4Place the point of the RF behind, place the heel R
5 6 7 8Rack back LF, bring RF near the LF, advance LF, HOLD
Restart here after the 16th days of the 6th wall!
You start the wall at 3 a.m. and you finish it at 3 am to take the dance of the start !!

[17 to 24] - RF Step ½ turn on, RF Step ¼ Turn on L, R Jazz Box
1 2Advance RF and rotate 1/2 Tour at L (6h)
3 4Advance RF and rotate 1/4 Tour at L (3h)
5 6 7 8Cross RF in front of LF, back up LF, put RF near the LF, bring LF back near the RF

[25 to 32] -Small Jump FWD, Hold, Clap -Small Jump BWD, Hold, Clap -Knee Pop X 4
& 1 2Small jump before both feet, HOLD and type in the hands
& 3 4Small back jump of the two feet, HOLD and tap in the hands **
5 6 7 8fold your R knee inside the L leg, fold your L knee inside the leg R,

Tag end of the 8th wall on 6 times (9 :00) & restart (9 :00)
Description of the tag:
[1 to 6] - OUT-OUT, IN- IN- STOMP RF et STOMP LF
1 2Place RF in front of and place LF in front L (slightly removed)
3 4Place RF in the center, place LF in the center
5 6Type foot R on the ground, type LF on the ground (weight on the LF)

** Final: You are facing 6:00 a.m. the 2nd Jump Back do it on one half-turn, so as to meet at 12 :00 and finish on the Knee Pops facing 12:00


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