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A Song I Used to Hear

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Georgie Mygrant (USA) - April 2023
Sing Me Back Home - Ben Haggard
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Intro: 12 counts (start on heavy beat) 1 Tag for 4 counts at end of wall 4 (Hip Sway’s)

Modified Box Step
1-8Step R to R side Step L to R, Step R fwd. Touch L to R, Step L to L side, Step R to L, Step L fwd. Touch R to L

Vine R, Basic Step
1-8Step to R, L behind R, Step R, Touch L to R, Step L to L side, Touch R to L, Step R to R side, Touch L to R

Vine L, Cross Point Back
1-4Step L to L side, R behind L, Step L, touch R to L
5-8Step R back, Point L to L side, Step L back, Point R to R side

Pivot ½ L, Jazz Box ¼ R
1-4Step R fwd. turning ¼ on L, Step R fwd. turning ¼ on L
5-8Step R over L, Step back on L turning ¼ R, Step on R, Step on L

TAG: End of wall 4
Sway hips 2x R/2x L

That’s it! Another easy beginner’s routine for you to learn.
Please let me know if you like it. Do not alter routine without my permission.
Thank you, Georgie. or


Jen1 April 25, 2023
Vote #3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💃

Novi3NLD April 26, 2023

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