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Tour of Seoul (서울 구경)

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Cindy (KOR) & BeBe (KOR) - April 2023
Tour of Seoul (서울구경) - Seo Yeong-Chun (서영춘)
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intro – 32 Counts

Sec 1. K step
1 , 2Step Rf diagonal forward, touch Lf beside Rf (with clap)
3 , 4Step Lf diagonal back, touch Rf beside Lf (with clap)
5 , 6Step Rf diagonal back, touch Lf beside Rf (with clap)
7 , 8Step Lf diagonal forward, touch Rf beside Lf (with clap)

Sec 2. Vine touch, hitch, touch, hitch, touch
1 , 2Step Rf to R side, step Lf behind Rf
3 , 4Step Rf to R side, touch Lf behind Rf
5 , 6Hitch Lf, touch Lf beside Rf
7 , 8Hitch Lf, touch Lf beside Rf

Sec 3. Vine touch, fwd touch, together, 1/4 turn L fwd touch, together
1 , 2Step Lf to L side, step Rf behind Lf
3 , 4Step Lf to L side, touch Rf beside Lf
5 , 6Touch Rf fwd, Rf together
7 , 81/4 turn L touch Lf fwd, Lf togeter

Sec 4. Fwd touch, togetger, 1/4 turn L fwd touch, Together, rocking chair
1 , 2Touch Rf fwd, Rf together
3 , 41/4 turn L touch Lf fwd, Lf together
5 , 6Rock Rf fwd, recover on Lf
7 , 8Rock Rf back, recover on Lf

Tag 1wall, 3wall, 5wall after (6:00)
Sec 1. Twist R, twist L
1 , 2Both heel out to R, both toe out to R
3 , 4Both heel out to R, hitch Lf
5 , 6Both heel out to L, both toe out to L
7 , 8Both heel out to L, hitch Rf

Sec 2. Fwd, shoulder shimmy(with hip), back shoulder shimmy(with hip)
1-4Step Rf diagonal fwd, shoulder shimmy (with hip)
5-8Weight Lf shoulder shimmy (with hip)

Sec 3. Sec 1 repeat

Sec 4. Sec 2 repeat


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