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EZ Ol' Country

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Easy Beginner
Shirley Blankenship (USA) & K. Sholes (USA) - May 2023
Ol' Country - Mark Chesnutt
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Walk fwd. R L Shuffle Fwd.R Rock/ Recover 1/4 L Shuffle
1-2 3&4Walk fwd.R-L shuffle fwd.R
5-6 7&8Rock fwd.on L / recover on R - 1/4 L fwd. L shuffle 9:00

Cross Points- Rocking Chair
1-2-3-4Cross R over L- point L to side - Cross L over R- point to side
5-6-7-8Rock fwd. on R/ recover L / rock back R/ recover L 9:00

Pivots 1/4 L X 2 1/4 Jazz R
1-2-3-4Step fwd. R Pivot 1/4 L step fwd.R pivot 1/4 L
5-6-7-8Cross R over L- back on L- step fwd. 1/4 R on R- L next to R 6:00
Restart here on Wall 6 @ 6:00

Side Rock Crossing Shuffles Right and Left
1-2 3&4Side rock R/ recover on L R shuffle over L
5-6 7&8Side rock L/ recover on R L shuffle over R 6:00

Have fun & enjoy!


Brenda Holcomb May 4, 2023
Good to have some easy beginner dances.

shirlblank May 4, 2023
Thank you, Brenda Holcomb

MaggieS May 4, 2023
Beautiful ❀️

shirlblank May 4, 2023
Thank you Maggie S

WillB May 4, 2023
Smooth! Feels like a comfortable fit - perfect for this song.

Bully May 4, 2023
love the old country. nice dance

K.K. May 4, 2023
Thank you all for your nice comments. Mark Chestnut is just classic country! 😘

Novi3NLD May 5, 2023
❀ItπŸ’ƒπŸ‘ πŸŒΊ5⭐

K.K. May 5, 2023
Thank you, Novi3NDL 😘

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