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Chris Jacques (USA) - May 2023
Bodybag - Charlotte Lawrence
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Intro: 4 counts (starts with first piano note, lyrics begin on count 3) 

[1-8] Side Rock, Recover w/ hitch, Cross Rock, ¼L Recover, Full Turn w/ sweep, Cross, Side, Rock Back, Recover
1, 2Rock L to L side, crossing arms over chest (1), Recover weight R, hitching L and releasing arms (2)
3&4&Rock L across R (3) Recover weight R (&) Rotate ¼L, Stepping Forward on L (4) ½L Stepping back on R (&)
5-6&½L Stepping forward on L, sweeping R back to front (5) Cross R over L (6) Step L to L (&)
7, 8Rock R behind, opening 1/8R into diagonal (7) Recover forward on L (8) – facing 10:30

[9-16] Full Turn, Rock recover ½R w/ hitch, Chase ½R w/ Prep, Full turn, Slow ½ Pivot, Spiral R, ¼R
&1Rotate ½L, stepping back on R (&) ½L Stepping forward on L (1)
2&3Rock forward on R (2) Recover weight L (&) Rotate ½ R, hitching L (3)
4&5Step forward on L (4) Pivot ½R, Stepping forward on R (&) Step forward on L, prepping for L turn (5)
6&Rotate ½L, stepping back on R (6) ½L Stepping forward on L (&)
7, 8&Step R forward, Slowly pivot ½L, keeping weight R, pointing L forward (7) ½R Spiral, placing weight L (8), Rotate ¼R, Stepping forward on R – facing 3:00
Restart here on wall 2, rotating ¼L to 12:00.

[17-24] ¼R NC Basic, Rock-recover, Weave w/ hitch, behind, side, rock, Sway-Sway
1-2&Rotate ¼R, stepping L to L side (1) Step R slightly behind L (2) Step L across R (&)
3&4&Rock R to R side (3) Recover weight L (&) Cross R over L (4) Step L to L side (&)
5-6&Step R behind, hitching L around (5) Cross L behind R (6) Step R forward on diagonal (&)
7, 8&Rock forward on L (7) Rotate ¼R Swaying R to R side (8) Sway L, Looking L (&) – facing 10:30

[25-32] ¼R Posé, Full Turn, Pivot ½R, Walk, Press + Glide, behind, Reverse Pivot x2
1-2&Rotate ¼R, stepping forward on R, hitching L open to side (1) ½R Stepping back on L (2) ½R Stepping forward on R (&)
3, 4&Step forward on L (3) Slowly pivot ½R, stepping forward on R (4) Walk forward on L (&)
5, 6&Press forward on ball of R (5) Lower R heel while sliding back on to L (6) Step back on R (&)
7&8&Rotate 3/8L rocking forward on L (7) Recover back on R (&) Rotate ½L Rocking forward on L (8) Recover back on R (&) **add ¼L to end of the pivots to begin dance again – facing 6:00

Last Update: 7 Sep 2023


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