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Rust On My Chevy

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High Beginner
Julie Heinrichs-Heisner (USA) - May 2023
Gold - Dierks Bentley
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R lock step, L lock step
1,2,3,4Step right diagonally fwd right, lock left behind right, step R, scuff L
5,6,7,8Step left diagonally fwd left, lock right behind left, step L, scuff R

R step, ½ turn, walk walk, R step, ½ turn , walk walk
1-2Step R fwd, turn ½ turn to the left
3-4Walk R, L
5-6Step R fwd, turn ½ turn to the left
7-8Walk R, L

R out in, slide to the R , L touch next to R , L out and in, slide to the L, R touch to L
1-2R point out to the right, bring it back to left
3-4Slide to the right and touch L
5-6L point out to the left, bring it back to R
7-8Slide to the left and touch R

R rocking chair, R step ½ turn, stomp stomp
1-2R rock fwd and recover,
3-4rock back R recover
5-6step R fwd, ½ turn left
7-8stomp R, L

Restart: on wall 3 after count 16


MonyR September 4, 2023
Perfect choreography for this song! Love it!

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