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It Feels This Good

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Heather Joffer (USA) & Brenda Dorsey (USA) - May 2023
Feels This Good - Jon Mero & LÒNIS
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Intro: 32 Counts

Restart: on 5th wall, after 8 counts. You will be facing 12:00

[1-8] Stomp, Tap, Tap, Tap, Stomp L, Clap, Stomp R, Clap, Clap
1,2,3,4Stomp R forward (1) Tap R toes to R (2) Tap R toes to L (3) Tap R toes to center- taking weight on R (4)
5,6Stomp L forward (5) Clap hands (6)
7&8Stomp R forward (7) Clap (&) Clap (8) * [12:00]

[9-16] Rock, Recover, Triple Back, Rock Back, Recover, Step, ¼ L Pivot Turn
1,2Rock L forward (1) Recover weight on R (2)
3&4Step back on L (3) Step R next to L (&) Step back on L (4)
5,6Rock back on R (5) Recover weight on L (6)
7,8Step forward on R (7) Pivot turn ¼ L – taking weight on L (8) [9:00]

[17-24] Cross, Side, Cross, Kick, Behind, Side, Cross, Kick
1,2Cross R over L (1) Step L to L (2)
3,4Cross R over L (3) Kick L to L diagonal (4)
5,6Cross L behind R (5) Step R to R (6)
7,8Cross L over R (7) Kick R to R diagonal (8) [9:00]

[25-32] Back, Kick, Back, Kick, Rock Back, Recover, Walk, Walk
1,2Step back on R (1) Kick L forward (2)
3,4Step back on L (3) Kick R forward (4)
5,6Rock back on R (5) Recover weight on L (6)
7,8Walk forward on R (7) Walk forward on L (8) [9:00]

*Restart: after completing the first 8 counts, add an additional stomp L forward (&) so weight is on L.

Choreographers: Heather Joffer – & Brenda Dorsey –

Last Update: 16 Jan 2024


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