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Rodeo Queen

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Wayne Beazley (AUS) - May 2023
Rodeo Queen - Jade Eagleson
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2 x Restarts on Wall 3 and 7

S1 Vine R, Scuff L, Vine L, Scuff R
1234Step R to side, Step L behind R, Step R to side, Scuff L beside R
5678Step L to side, Step R behind L, Step L to side, Scuff R beside L

S2 Step R Fwd, Twist L heel, Toe, Heel (towards  R foot), Rock L Fwd, Recover, L Back, Hold
1234Step R forward at diagonal, Twist L heel towards R, Twist L toe towards R, Twist L heel towards R
5678Rock L forward, Recover weight on R, Step L back, Hold

S3 R Back, Touch L, L Back, Touch R, R Coaster Step, Step L Fwd
1234Step R back, Touch L together, Step L back, Touch R together
5678Step R back, Step L together, Step R forward, Step L forward
( # Restart here on wall 3 – facing 6 o’clock)

S4 Kick, Kick, Rock R Back, Recover, 2 x ¼ L Paddles
12Kick R forward, Kick R forward
34Rock back on R, Recover weight on L
5678Step R forward, Paddle ¼ L, Step R forward, Paddle ¼ L (6 o’clock)
(# Restart here on wall 7 – facing 3 o’clock)

S5 R Fwd Bouncing R heel x 4, L Fwd bouncing L Heel x 4
1234Step R forward – bouncing/Tapping R heel on floor x 4
5678Step L forward – bouncing/Tapping L heel on floor x 4
(Option: During heel bounces, R hand slap R knees x 4 whilst bouncing R heels, Repeat Slaps etc on L)

S6 R Heel Strut, L Heel Strut, Rock R Fwd, Recover, ¼ R – R to R, L Across R
1234Step R heel forward, Place R toe on floor, Step L heel forward, Place L toe on floor
56Rock R  forward, Recover weight on L,
78Step R back turning ¼ turn Right, Step L across R (9 o’clock)

[48]  To finish, on Wall 11 (back wall) dance to count 32 (paddle turns) then stomp R forward 

**2 Restarts –
Wall 3 after 24 counts
Wall 7 after 32 counts

Last Update: 11 Jul 2023


Squidgy May 17, 2023
HEY! About time too, Wayne! :-D This has gone straight onto my teach list ... at the top. ;-) xx

Beez May 17, 2023
Thanks for your message. Yeah its been a while hey lol. Hope you and your class enjoy the dance.
Wayne x

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