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Rock My Body

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Ira Barie (INA) & Neva (INA) - May 2023
Rock My Body - R3HAB, Inna & Sash!
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Sec 1: Rock, Recover, Coaster Step, kick, kick, Coaster Step
1-2Step RF Forward(1), recover weight on LF(2)
3&4Step RF backward (3), step LF close to RF (&), step RF forward (4) (12 o'clock)
5-6Kick LF diagonal twice (5,6)
7&8Step LF backward (7), step RF close to LF (&), step LF forward (8) (12 o'clock)

Sec 2: forward , 1/4 turn L, cross shuffle, side rock, recover ,1/4 turn L Coaster Step
1-2step RF forward (1), 1/4 turn L (2) (weight on LF 9 o'clock)
3&4Cross RF over LF(3), Step LF to side(&), Cross RF over LF(4)
5-6step LF to L side (5), recover on RF,
7&81/4 turn L crossing LF behind RF(7), step RF beside LF (&), step LF forward (8) (6 o'clock)

Sec 3: Rock R Side, Recover, Together, Rock L Side, Recover, Together, Rock R Forward, Recover, Together, Anchor Step
1-2&Step RF to R side (weight on RF)(1), recover on LF (2), Step RF next to LF (&)
3-4&Step LF to L side (weight on LF)(3), recover RF (4), Step LF next to RF (&)
5-6Step RF Forward (weight on RF)(5), recover on LF(6)
7&8Step RF behind hitching LF (7), Recover on LF (&), Recover on RF hitching LF(8)

Sec 4: Back sweep - point forward (3x) (Optional : with body wave), Walk, Walk
1-2Sweep LF from front to back (1), point forward on RF (2) (weight on LF)
3-4Sweep on RF from front to back (2), point forward LF (4) (Weight on RF)
5-6repeat 1-2
7-8Step forward on RF, step forward on LF (6 o'clock)

Restart on wall 4 after sec 2

Happy dancing ❤❤❤



Marchy Susilani May 24, 2023
Vote 1

JudiRifa May 24, 2023
Vote#5 πŸ€—πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ’ͺπŸ‘

Koes May 24, 2023

Scalewings Lean May 31, 2023
Love the dance. Can you please post a tutorial lesson for all of us to learn the dance? Thanks

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