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Good As You

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Easy Intermediate
Mark Simpkin (AUS) - May 2023
Good As You - Kane Brown
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Intro: 16 counts. Weight on L. Start on vocals.

Walk Fwd R, L, Fwd R Coaster, Back L, Lock R, Back L, R Shuffle Back Full Turn Over R, Cross L
1 2 3&4Walk fwd R, L, Fwd R Coaster,
&5 6Back L, Cross R over L (ball cross), Step Back L
7&8&Making a FULL turn over R Shuffle Back, Cross/Lock L over R

Back R, Recover Fwd L, R Side, Ball L, Cross R, Out, Out, Sway L, 1/4 R Sailor, Fwd L
1 2 3&4Step Back R, Recover L, R to R Side, L tog, Cross R over L
&5 6L to L Side, Step R to R Side (out, out) Sway L to L (12.00)
7&8&R Sailor step Making 1/4 turn R, Step fwd on ball of L, (3.00)

1/4 Turn R Step R to R Side, L Behind, R Side, Cross L, R behind, L Side, Cross R, Unwind 3/4 Turn Over L, Fwd R Lock Shuffle, 1/2 Turn Over R On L
12&31/4 Pivot R Step R to R Side (make this a big step), Step L behind R, Step R to R Side, Cross L over R, (6.00)
4&56Step R behind L, Step L to L Side, Cross R over L, Unwind 3/4 Turn over L (wgt on L) (9.00)
7&8&Step fwd R, Lock L, Step fwd R, (fwd R lock shuffle), Making 1/2 turn over R Step back on ball of L (3.00)

Back R, Fwd L,1/4 Pivot R, L Cross, Ball, Step, Cross R, L Side, R Behind, 1/4 L, Step Fwd R, 1/2 Pivot L
1 2 3Rock/Step Back R, Recover Fwd L, 1/4 Pivot On R, (6.00)
4&5Cross L over R, R to R Side, Step L to L Side (L cross, ball, step)
6&7&8&Cross R over L, Step L to L, Step R behind L, 1/4 L Step fwd L, Step fwd on R, 1/2 Pivot L (9.00)

Mark Simpkin: – YouTube – Southern Cross Linedancers


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