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I'd Tap That

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Michelle Wright (USA) - June 2023
Tap That - Chris Janson
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Restart on wall 3 after 16 counts & Tag/ Restart on wall 7 after 16 counts (see bottom) both facing 9:00

Dance starts 24 counts in on the lyrics

Section 1: R&L Diagonal forward step touches with claps, Back together, Hip bump R&L
1,2Step R into R forward diagonal, Touch L next to R and clap hands
3&4Step L into L forward diagonal, Touch R next to L and double clap hands
5,6Step R back, Step L next to R
7,8Bump hips to the R, Bump hip to the L

Section 2: Vine ¼ turn with hitch, Walk back LRL Touch
1,2Step R to R side, Cross L behind R
3,4¼ turn R stepping R forward, Hitch L knee
5,6Step L back, Step R back
7,8Step L back, Touch R next to L
Restart here on wall 3 and tag/restart here on wall 7

Section 3: R&L Lindy
1&2Step R to R side, Step L next to R, Step R to R side
3,4Step L back, Recover on R
5&6Step L to L side, Step R next to L, Step L to L side
7,8Step R back, Recover on L

Section 4: Cross points R&L, Jazz box
1,2Cross R over L, Point L to L side
3,4Cross L over R, Point R to R side
5,6Cross R over L, Step L back
7,8Step R to R side, Cross L over R slightly forward

Tag: Cross R over L, Slow full unwind
1-4Cross R over L and slowly unwind to the L for 3 counts while he is saying 1,2,3. Restart the dance from the beginning facing 9:00

(Tag no turning option: Slow jazz box)
1,2Cross R over L, Step L back
3,4Step R to R side, Step L forward

Last Update: 17 Jun 2023


ANN Murphy November 13, 2023
I love this dance. I want to teach it to my middle school PE kids but am afraid parents will not like the lyrics about drinking! Lol! Any suggestions for another country so g that I could do this fun dance to? Please and thank you!!

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